Welcoming city

photo-icon Morgan Sette

Adelaide is a city shaped by stories.

A rich collection of stories, infinite in number. The first of these stories were created by the Kaurna people – the traditional owners of the land on which Adelaide sits.

These stories are now interwoven with the stories of all the people who choose to live, work, study or spend time in the city. Old or new, each story is unique because the reasons that hold or draw someone to Adelaide are different for every person.

Maybe it was family, love, convenience, community or safety. Opportunity, open space or culture. Inclusiveness or even hope. Maybe even a combination of these, or perhaps it was something else entirely.

Whatever the reason, if you choose to call Adelaide home; to study or accept a job here, establish a business or return after time spent away – the common thread that links everyone’s story has its origins with a visionary named Colonel William Light.

A city for all

Adelaide is a city for people of all ages and abilities to explore; with a wide range of sports and recreation, schools, universities, libraries and community centres that bring people together to learn and converse.

Our attitude of inclusion and diversity and position as an official Refugee Welcoming Zone has manifested in the incubation of a world-class events calendar that expands throughout the year, stimulating those far and wide to join us.

Our city’s accessible scale encourages natural migration through walkable streets, where splashes of colour and public art murals add vibrancy to main thoroughfares and hidden places.

With an enviable food and lively dining scene experienced through a network of buzzing laneways, small bars, restaurants and pubs on nearly every corner.

There is ever-widening access to the arts. Cultural venues and monuments that open eyes and challenge minds or the more measured pace offered by trails through the Park Lands, where people keep fit, commute or simply take time out to relax and unwind.

The open nature of our community with a desire to explore the untested, and where collaboration to achieve something positive keeps us globally relevant.

Shaped by stories

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