City Webcams

photo-icon Ryan Cantwell

Adelaide has six city webcams positioned in key locations. The cameras refresh every five seconds. Watch the action along King William Street and Rundle Mall, festivals and events in Victoria Square, slick action in City Skate and races in Victoria Park. By night watch the Rundle Lantern light up.

City Skate

This camera shows the action in City Skate

Rundle Lantern

This webcam displays the digital art that comes on the Rundle Lantern ...

Rundle Mall and Rundle Street intersection

A view of the intersection between Rundle Mall and Rundle Street, one ...

Town Hall North

This camera gives a great view of the coming and going of busy city li...

Town Hall South

This camera gives a great view of Victoria Square and the many events ...

Victoria Park

This camera shows Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi.