City Skate

A new destination for our skate community

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Location and opening hours

City Skate

Gladys Elphick Park / Narnungga (Park 25)
Corner of West Terrace and Glover Avenue, Adelaide
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Opening hours

24 hours 7 days a week
Lighting hours

City Skate is a unique destination facility, designed in close collaboration with Adelaide's skate community and those that held the old City Skatepark close to their hearts.

Located next to West Terrace and nestled in the Adelaide Park Lands, City Skate is a facility built for skating, BMX and other wheeled sports from levels beginner to advanced.

City Skate is the largest skate park in South Australia and will be home to local events, skate clinics and some of Australia's major skating events.

We really enjoyed working with the community from the old City Park to develop what we feel is a completely different style modern facility. The materials, obstacles and integrated landscape approach will make this space feel different than any other skatepark across Australia. We can’t wait to see what tricks go down in this space! – CONVIC design team

Skate areas

Advanced bowl

City skate girl in taco

The advanced bowl is a different shape than any other bowl in Australia with fast lines from shallow to deep and a cradle in the centre. The bowl will become an interesting addition to competition bowls throughout Australia.

  • shallow and deep ends
  • 11 foot deep end
  • taco
  • cradle
Suitable for levels
  • intermediate
  • advanced


The plaza

The Plaza is the heart of the skatepark. and pays homage to the old city skatepark obstacles and materials that reflect the Adelaide festival plaza colour and diversity.

  • advanced stair set with hubbas and rail
  • intermediate stair set with kinked rail, out ledge and down rail.
  • banks and quarter pipes to the border
Suitable for levels
  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • advanced

Beginner's Street

Beginner street

Beginner's Street gives beginner to intermediate skaters an area to learn how to drop in and work their way up to ollying onto a small manual pad.

It also provides a good warm up area for all users and a space out of the way for tech users to hone their tricks.

  • 4 obstacle street run
  • level changes
Suitable for levels
  • beginner
  • intermediate

Mini bowl

Mini bowl

At the top of the hill closest to West Terrace is the mini bowl, a place for beginner to intermediate skaters to learn and develop entry level skills. The mini bowl gives you a starting point to work your skills up to enter the advanced bowl.

Suitable for levels
  • beginner

User safety

  • The City Skate Park is open and accessible for everyone at all times.
  • Parents and Legal Guardians accompanying children must monitor their activity and safety within the Skate Park.
  • Skate Park users must wear protective gear.
  • Skate or ride in areas suited to your level of ability. Look out for other users.
  • Be aware – the concrete is very slippery when wet.
  • Users of the facilities do so at their own risk. Council accepts no liability for any injury, loss or damage to persons or their equipment.
  • Alcohol and glassware are prohibited within the Skate Park.
  • Motorised vehicles are prohibited within the Skate Park.
  • Do not use any damaged surface or equipment.
  • Report any damage or lighting issues to the City of Adelaide Customer Centre on 8203 7203 or 8203 7345.
  • In an emergency call 000 for police, ambulance or fire.

After hours lights

The park lights are dimmed from sunset to sunrise each day.

Visitors can turn on full lights from sunset to 12:30 am, for one hour at a time, by pushing the button on the light tower.

The lights will flash for ten seconds before dimming again. 

Parking and public transport


Free parking is available at the rear of the park. Enter via Glover Avenue.

Parking restrictions

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm – 3 hour time limit

Monday to Friday after 6:00 pm – No time limit

Weekends – No time limit

Access restricted for some cricket events.

Public transport

Need more information?

If you have any questions, or need to report damage or lighting issues, please contact our Customer Centre:

Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm:

After hours: