Gouger Street Revitalisation

Project status – planning and investigation

Why are we doing this?

Adelaide is home to a diverse range of cultural boulevards, bustling main streets, laneways and neighbourhoods.

Gouger Street is an important part of Adelaide City Centre popular for its unique character, vibrant markets, dining, and cultural events.

Initiated as part of the 23/24 Business Plan and Budget, the Gouger Street Revitalisation Project has been allocated a budget of $15m.

The aim of the project is to leverage its unique character, vibrancy and activities to enhance Gouger Street’s appeal as a lively and cultural attraction to benefit customers, community and visitors.

What are we doing?

The Project will explore implementing a range of ideas in the area between Victoria Square and Morphett Street, excluding connecting streets off Gouger Street. Some of them include:

  • road and footpath upgrades
  • lighting replacement
  • street art and public furniture
  • landscaping
  • safety and connectivity improvements
  • parking
  • integration with physical infrastructure and surrounds

When are we doing it?

The Project is currently undergoing planning and investigations:

  • review of existing asset such as stormwater and lighting
  • soil analysis and urban design studies
  • people movement and transport assessments and strategies
  • local and city growth forecasts
  • historical and cultural analysis

Concept and Detailed Design to follow in 2024 with a range of corresponding engagement activities being planned.

Construction is expected to begin from late 2025.

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