Parking expiation

We have installed a variety of parking restrictions throughout the city and North Adelaide, to ensure safe and equal access to parking spaces for all. These parking restrictions are in line with the South Australian Road Rules and are displayed on signage covering an area. These restrictions may be active from different parts of the day to maximise parking opportunities for everyone

The Australian Road Rules are part of the Road Traffic Act, and are not set by the City of Adelaide. To ensure these restrictions are followed, we will issue Expiation Notices to vehicles who have parked illegally. It is the responsibility of the driver to read the parking signs each time they park in an area and before leaving their vehicle.

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Your options

You have several options available should you receive a parking expiation. 

1. Paying your Expiation Notice

To pay your Expiation Notice, you’ll need the Parking Expiation number or the vehicle registration number. The Expiation number is on the original notice, or on any of the reminder notices issued to you.

All expiations are uploaded in our system overnight. If you would like to pay the expiation on the day you receive it, we can only do so via telephone or in person at the Customer Centre.

You can pay an Expiation by any of the following options:

  • online via a Visa/Mastercard
  • over the phone by calling 1300 300 729 using a Visa/Mastercard
  • in person at our Customer Centre, 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • by cheque or money order to our postal address: GPO Box 1732, Adelaide 5001.

You have 28 days from the date of the original expiation notice to make full payment. If you fail to make payment by this date, then you will be sent a reminder notice and will incur additional fees.

Need more time to pay?
You can enter into a payment arrangement through the State Government's Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit. Please note an additional fee will apply to enter into an arrangement.

2. Request a review

You may request a review of your parking expiation if at the time the parking expiation:

    If you own the vehicle but were not driving the vehicle at the time of the offence, you must provide us with a completed Statutory Declaration nominating the driver. You are required to sign the declaration before a Justice of the Peace and return it to us within 21 days of the date of your expiation notice.

    Please note: for us to be able to put the Parking Expiation into the driver’s name, we legally require the full name of the driver and their current address or last known location. As this is a legal document, we cannot process the change without these details.

    If the driver occurred multiple expiations over a few days, instead of listing each expiation, you can list the dates that they were in possession of the vehicle.

    If you recently sold or disposed of the vehicle and were not the registered owner at the time of the offence, you can forward a copy of the Disposal Notice or a Statutory Declaration with the new owner's full name and address. We’ll then transfer the responsibility for the expiation notice into the correct vehicle owner's name.

    Don’t worry! We just require a few details from you:

    • the police report number,
    • your full name and contact number (in case we need extra information),
    • the vehicle registration number.

    We will then contact the police who will be able to confirm the dates the vehicle was stolen and the date it was recovered. If the expiation occurred during these times, you will not be responsible for the Expiation notice. If you did not report your vehicle stolen at the time, then it is unlikely that we will withdraw the expiation.

    If you believe that you should not have received a parking expiation notice, you can lodge a request to review your parking expiation.

    In most situations, you will be required to submit supporting evidence as it is unlikely we will withdraw a parking expiation without it.

    Once you have submitted your Request for a Review online along with any requested documentation, Council will conduct a full review with consideration to your circumstances. We may contact you should we require further information.

    Don’t worry, your parking expiation will be placed on hold and no further fees will apply while we respond to your request. Reviews take on average a minimum four to six weeks to complete. If you do not hear from us within that time frame, contact us on 8203 7203.

    3. Dispute the allegation in court

    If you wish to dispute the allegation rather than pay or review it, you can elect to be prosecuted for the offence and have the matter dealt with in the Magistrate’s Court.

    You will need to complete the Election to be Prosecuted form found on the rear of the original expiation notice, Reminder Notice or Notice of Intended Enforcement. Return the completed form to GPO Box 1732, Adelaide SA 5001.

    Please note the election to be prosecuted must be returned in its original form. Cannot be scanned or photocopied.

    If your vehicle has been towed

    If you’ve parked your car in a Tow-away Zone, or where it is causing an obstruction, or if it has been abandoned, the City of Adelaide can tow your vehicle.

    Before you can recover the vehicle, you must contact the City of Adelaide Customer Centre to discuss the collection arrangements.

    You will be advised of the location of our contractor from where you can collect the vehicle after all towing and storage fees incurred have been paid (cheques are not accepted). You must bring your vehicle registration notice and/or your driver’s licence with you to the collection point. The vehicle will not be released to anybody acting on your behalf unless they present a written letter of authority to do so.

    Please note that storage fees for vehicles increase each day. All costs of removal and storage will be incurred by the owner. Any expiation notice incurred can be dealt with according to the options above.

    Need more information?

    If you have any further questions regarding your parking expiation, please contact the City of Adelaide Contact Centre, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm:

    8203 7203