Waste collection for business

The City of Adelaide offers a kerbside waste and recycling service to businesses that have small amounts of waste and recycling.

We collect:

  • 1 x red waste bin (140-litre) – weekly 
  • 1 x yellow recycling bin (240-litre) – fortnightly
  • commercial cardboard – weekly

Collection calendars

Download the collection calendar to see when your waste is collected:

Tip! Why not print these calendars and post them on the back door of your business?

Public holidays

Waste collections continue on public holidays, except for Good Friday and Christmas Day. Collections that fall on these days resume the next day.

Kerbside cardboard collection service

Small businesses can leave up to 0.25 m3 of flattened cardboard on the nearest serviced kerb for the weekly cardboard collection.

All cardboard must be flattened, bundled and tied with string or nylon, or placed inside another cardboard box. 

Your cardboard must be put on the kerbside between 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm on the collection day.

    Report bin issues

    Small businesses can call Cleanaway's waste hotline on 1800 777 844 to:

    • request bin repairs or replacements
    • report unemptied bins
    • report lost or stolen bins.

    Need more information?

    For more information please contact our Sustainability team: