Undergrounding Funding scheme

The Undergrounding Funding Scheme is the City’s commitment to removal of overhead power lines, telecommunications cables and associated infrastructure to improve visual appeal, safety and usability of public places.

What is undergrounding?

Undergrounding of public streets involves removal of overhead power lines, stobie poles, telecommunication cables and associated infrastructure and replacing these with underground networks and also installation of new street lighting.

Council’s Undergrounding Schemes

The following funding options are available:

  • Developer Scheme
  • Residential/Business Scheme
  • ACC funded Hot Spot Scheme
  • ACC and PLEC (Power Line Environment Committee)

Applications for funding under the Scheme will be assessed against a range of criteria, subject to a case-by-case assessment and based on available funds. There is no absolute guarantee of funding.

Developer Scheme

This Scheme is for developments that have been granted Development Assessment approval and have not yet commenced on site.

This Scheme requires the Developer to undertake, manage and pay for all works, and Council contributes up to 50% of the undergrounding costs to the Developer upon the satisfactory completion and inspection of the works by Council.

Residential/Business Scheme

This Scheme provides an opportunity for resident(s), private owner(s) or business owner(s) to contribute to the costs for undergrounding of whole or parts of a public street and bring it forward on the Council works program. This may attract up to 50% Council funding contribution.

Funding applications must be lodged by one ratepayer representative of the street.

Hot Spot Scheme

This Scheme aims to provide opportunities for relatively small scale works that have relatively large benefits for property owners.

Projects under this Scheme may be identified by Council staff and/or by an application from an external party. The works usually involve the relocation of stobie poles and overhead cables in close proximity to dwellings, balconies, significant trees or driveways.

Council and Power Line Environment Committee (PLEC)

PLEC provides funding to Councils to jointly carry out undergrounding, particularly where significant community benefit will be derived, for example high traffic arterial and ceremonial roads, gateways, streets with tourism and heritage importance. Council and PLEC work together to provide a rolling program of jointly funded projects over time.

The PLEC funding scheme is an initiative between Council and the State Government and is not a funding application option for developers, residents or businesses.

The funding process

Interested applicants should undertake a pre-application discussion with the Council’s Lighting and Electrical section on 8203 7493 to determine eligibility, availability of funding, and the most suitable Scheme.

If your project is eligible, complete an Application Form and submit it to the Lighting and Electrical Team for further consideration. Please note that Council funding allocation for this year has been exhausted.

Guidelines and application form

Download the appropriate scheme for detailed guidelines and ensure the Application Form is signed and returned with supporting information: 

Need more information?

For any further enquiries on Undergrounding Funding Scheme, pleases contact the Customer Centre team:

GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

08 8203 7575