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Read on to discover how Ten Gigabit Adelaide is helping these local Adelaide businesses grow. 

Another Happy Ten Gigabit Adelaide Customer

With the rollout of Ten Gigabit Adelaide starting to ramp up, more businesses are jumping at the chance to be connected to the revolutionary high-speed data network.

Local social enterprise firm, My Plan Manager has relocated its offices to Franklin Street in the CBD to access the new network, enabling vastly improved internet connectivity, cybersecurity and synchronised upload and download speeds reaching the full capacity of the 10Gbps data transfer capability.

The company provides financial intermediary and plan management services to over 6,500 people Australia-wide who are part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This includes a web-based platform and a personalised app that gives people living with a disability to have full control and visibility over their funds and services.

“Our company relies heavily on technology and having access to high speed, high-quality connectivity and a range of telecommunications services is critical to ensuring we can provide a responsive, seamless service to our clients,” says My Plan Manager, ICT Business Manager, Sean Bates.

“The Ten Gigabit Adelaide service was a standout choice in terms of speed, reliability and cost.

“TPG introduced us to NEXION Networks who designed a new infrastructure layer for the new office including new router, switches and WiFi. They also recommended a comprehensive security layer and firewall to protect the business.”

“When we tested the data speeds at our new offices in Franklin Street, it ran 18 times faster than our previous connection which is extraordinary.

“This will, in turn, save us time, increase our productivity and translate to a much higher quality of service for our clients.”

Another key reason for My Plan Manager moving to the city was its central location.

“We’re excited to be able to call the CBD home. Being in the geographical heart of Adelaide will make it easier for us to recruit and retain quality staff,” he says.

Casestudy myplan tengigadelaide

In addition to providing secure, reliable and symmetrical 10Gpbs data speeds, Ten Gigabit Adelaide will also provide businesses with access to a range of cutting-edge ICT applications and services.

My Plan Manager has accessed a 1GB internet service through the network and has also invested in a complete Fortinet suite of products including router, firewall, switching and WiFi as well as enterprise grade cybersecurity, provided by NEXION Networks.

“We take the security of our systems very seriously,” says Mr Bates.

“We continue to invest heavily in a range of infrastructure such as the NEXION Fortinet Bundles to ensure that sensitive data and systems are protected, and the performance of the network exceeds expectations.”

On the back of Ten Gigabit Adelaide, NEXION Networks has also expanded their business in Adelaide.

“NEXION Networks are a unique and fast-growing ICT company and see Adelaide and the Ten Gigabit Adelaide rollout as the bedrock for our growth and we continue to invest locally in the building of our Adelaide presence,” says CEO of NEXION Networks, Paul Glass.

“The investment the City of Adelaide and TPG have made to turn Adelaide into a globally leading technology innovation hub allows us to deliver innovative solutions for TPG customers faster and more nimbly than any other location in Australia.”

“NEXION Networks is very proud to be working with TPG and City of Adelaide and we are excited about the opportunity to provide Adelaide customers, like My Plan Manager with the cybersecurity and infrastructure required to get the full benefit of the 10GA Network.

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG Telecom as the Official Network Partner to deliver and install the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network. Learn more about the project and the rollout plan.

Ten Gigabit Adelaide in Fashion!

Local Adelaide success story Australian Fashion Labels has become one of the first city businesses to connect to Ten Gigabit Adelaide.

Following the announcement of Ten Gigabit Adelaide, Australian Fashion Labels was keen to sign-up to the revolutionary network quickly to access high-speed connectivity at an affordable price to help grow its business.

The company is known as an innovative, international fashion house, founded and headquartered in Adelaide, employing 130 staff locally and around the world.

Casestudy australianfashionlabels tengigadelaide

Co-Founder Dean Flintoft said that while the business continued to grow globally, infrastructure like Ten Gigabit Adelaide has encouraged his company to stay here in the city for the long term.

“Besides all of the other great things happening here, this is the type of infrastructure that makes us want to stay. We get all of the benefits of living and working in such a beautiful city, with the bonus of faster, more reliable and affordable telecommunications and infrastructure,” said Mr Flintoft.

“Being based in Adelaide but having staff and suppliers around the world, having high-speed connectivity is absolutely essential and we view Ten Gigabit Adelaide as a necessary business tool.

“With its speed, reliability and affordability, Ten Gigabit Adelaide will ensure our business can continue to compete globally to attract and support new jobs, companies and investments. 

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG Telecom as the Official Network Partner to deliver and install the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network. Learn more about the project and the rollout plan.

Nexion Networks see Ten Gigabit Adelaide as bedrock to growth

The highly-anticipated Australian-first Ten Gigabit Adelaide network is a “technology enablement platform of global scales” says one of Australia’s fastest and most innovative technology companies, NEXION Networks.

NEXION Networks is leading the charge in the delivery of cutting edge ICT Services that will be available to adopters of the scheme. Ten Gigabit Adelaide will see a minimum 1,000 CBD and North Adelaide commercial buildings connected to the revolutionary high-speed, high-performance data network within the next two years.

The bold infrastructure project includes the delivery and installation of a fibre optic network across the city, 10Gbps data transfer capability and access to a range of cloud-based services. It will provide businesses like NEXION Networks with the core connectivity to position Adelaide as Australia’s epicentre for business.

“The way we work and interact with the community, our peers, our city and our families is all changing, as we embrace a smart connected world,” said Paul Glass, Managing Director of NEXION Networks.

“The investment the City of Adelaide and TPG (the Official Network Provider) have made to turn Adelaide into a global leading technology innovation hub allows us to drive solution innovation faster and more nimbly than any other location in Australia.

“We are focussed on enabling local businesses to connect to cloud and critical business applications in the most secure and innovative manner. We deliver high-performance network security solutions that allow fast, reliable, secure access to critical onsite and cloud applications.”

NEXION Networks is a cutting-edge Asia-Pacific Enterprise Technology Solutions provider specialising in the full suite of ICT, Public and Private Cloud, Enterprise Security, Global Networks and Telecommunications solutions.

“We deliver cutting edge solutions that are made possible by high speed and high-quality data connections.

“The City of Adelaide and TPG have made an important and bold step in delivering a fibre service that enables innovation and delivers the core network required for companies like NEXION Networks. The fact that the City Council have actioned Ten Gigabit Adelaide, will put Adelaide on the global technology map. We like to think our innovation and technology solutions will flourish with the support shown by TPG and City of Adelaide.”

On the back of the scheme NEXION Networks has also committed to expanding their business in Adelaide. The IT provider is planning to shift the company Directors and Head Office to Adelaide in support of the growth opportunity and relationship with TPG and the City of Adelaide.

“NEXION Networks are a unique and fast-growing ICT company and see Adelaide and the Ten Gigabit Adelaide rollout as the bedrock for our growth.

“We see our company as a future leader in South Australia and Australia, in the shift of skills to the tech sector. We believe that the opportunity to create a young and passionate workforce in Adelaide, in areas of IT Security, Innovation, Cloud Applications, Smart Cities and IoT is phenomenal.

Mr Glass stressed the beauty of this scheme was not simply the innovative thinking of the City of Adelaide.

“South Australia is one of the top most liveable cities in the world and we will grow our organisation around the support of the City Council and TPG and create a new global leading technology centre using this initiative. We are focussed not only on technology innovation but the people within our organisation and the community our solutions affect. Adelaide is an amazing city, with amazing people and a community spirit that will foster growth. The Ten Gigabit Adelaide journey is one shared and the success that will come, will be felt by all.”

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG Telecom as the Official Network Partner to deliver and install the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network. Learn more about the project and the rollout plan.

AIB the first business in Australia to connect to ultra-fast Ten Gigabit network

The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is proud to be the first business and building in South Australia to connect to the Adelaide City Council’s revolutionary high-speed fibre optic data network – Ten Gigabit Adelaide. The network provides access to 10Gbps uncontested data speeds which is the fastest internet connection available in Australia and the only network of its kind for businesses.

At AIB’s headquarters on March 5, the then Lord Mayor Martin Haese officially launched Ten Gigabit Adelaide and, along with AIB CEO Paul Wappett, connected AIB to the ultra-fast network which is being delivered by TPG Telecom.

As the largest MBA provider in Australia and leaders in accessible online education, fast and reliable internet speeds and data capabilities are critical to the delivery of AIB’s programmes. The phenomenally fast 10Gbps data speeds will support AIB in improving the interactive online learning experience for its students in Australia and around the world.

Casestudy aib tengigadelaide

On being the first business in Australia to experience the network, Paul Wappett said he and the AIB staff are thrilled.

“As a progressive higher education provider delivering online education for working adults, it is critical we embrace industry-leading technology. This new network is faster and more affordable, allowing us to continue to provide accredited, high-quality post-graduate education at an affordable price point. It also enables us to further enhance our interactive online learning experience and export it around the world.”

AIB has invested significantly in its online learning environment and infrastructure over the past two years to create a truly engaging and interactive learning experience for its students. In addition, following the successful transition to online exams this year, The Agile MBA is now 100% online, allowing students greater flexibility and accessibility to study from anywhere in the world.

Proudly a South Australian business, AIB has been delivering business education from the state since its inception in 1984. The business school has become a truly global institution, with students and alumni from over 90 countries, but South Australia remains the ideal location for AIB to export its programmes to the world.

“South Australia has become a hub for innovation in recent years, aligning well with AIB’s innovative approach to education. The new Ten Gigabit Network is an example of that and another reason why Adelaide is the right place for AIB to be based,” Paul Wappett explained.

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG Telecom as the Official Network Partner to deliver and install the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network. Learn more about the project and the rollout plan.

Specialists in solvency management, Meertens Chartered Accountants offer liquidation and insolvency advice to clients nationwide. With a wealth of expertise to minimise personal and corporate loss, Meertens help businesses ensure their assets are returned to the marketplace and provide a process to 'close the book' on what can be crippling debt.

Located at Grenfell Street, Meertens are harnessing the speed and consistent service of Ten Gigabit Adelaide to work simultaneously with their Darwin office.

“Ten Gigabit Adelaide is an important resource for this firm. Having a fast, reliable internet capacity is a business enabler,” says James McPherson, Director.

“This firm is nimble and having that resource allows us to work nationally and most effectively and efficiently.”

With speed and reliability comes the prospect of growth. A bold infrastructure project, the first of its kind in Australia, Ten Gigabit Adelaide’s citywide fibre optic network increases the capabilities of local businesses by removing connectivity barriers. Businesses can embrace cloud services without the limitations to speed, reliability and data security.

“How I see Ten Gigabit Adelaide opening our business to new opportunities, firstly and importantly is business continuity, overcoming business interruptions for events we just can’t plan for,” explains Mr McPherson.

“It provides us with scalability, flexibility and it gives us certain confidence to go forward and create business networks knowing that we have a reliable data network behind us.”

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG Telecom as the Official Network Partner to deliver and install the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network. Learn more about the project and the rollout plan.

As a licensed fund manager, Keystone Capital specialises in the origination and management of loans secured by mortgages over real property assets across Australia. Capital United provides financial intermediary services to its clients nationwide, committed to negotiating optimal rates, loan structures and terms and conditions.

Both businesses operate from their Flinders Street office and are constantly communicating with their Sydney office to support their clients. Recently adopting a cloud-based platform, it’s imperative that both offices work from data and documents that are live and up to date.

“We were looking for something that could give us speed, reliability and minimal downtime with the server and certainly Ten Gigabit Adelaide offered that and has exceeded our expectations,” says Tom Waltham, Director.

“Previously we were running off an ADSL service and the download time was 23Mbps and 1Mbps on upload, so the speed change has just been fantastic.”

Ten Gigabit Adelaide provides secure, reliable and symmetrical 10Gbps data speeds. It offers local businesses an advantage over their competitors nationwide and opens them to a wide range of future opportunities.

“As the businesses continue to grow we will be able to offer market leading IT capabilities, and we’ll be able to continue to compete more efficiently and effectively with the ever-increasing online and digital platform requirements that the businesses have,” says Mr Waltham.

“That’s why we chose Ten Gigabit Adelaide which has been absolutely fantastic for our business.”

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG Telecom as the Official Network Partner to deliver and install the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network. Learn more about the project and the rollout plan.

St marys college students studying

Education delivery set to transform St Mary's College with Ten Gigabit Adelaide

St Mary’s College fuses its rich heritage with a future-focused approach on engaging all its students, digitalising the majority of processes that facilitate learning. In 2016, the school implemented the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program which allows students to bring personal devices that they feel comfortable using. There's been nearly 100 per cent uptake with roughly 600 students from year 5 to year 12 participating in the program. Students have the option to bring Mac or PC devices which seamlessly integrate with the colleges Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud services and other required software. 

The school will begin using Ten Gigabit Adelaide in February 2020, which will transform the delivery of current programs and allow St Mary's to maximise tools to levels that have previously been unattainable.

Established in 1869, St Mary’s College is one of the oldest schools in South Australia and is celebrating 150 years of delivering academic excellence and female empowerment. The school has 850 students across reception to year 12 and employs over 100 staff members.

The school is currently connected to a 200Mbps connection and the speed of this service has presented significant challenges in delivering a consistent and reliable experience for students and teachers, with periods of high demand rendering the connection unusable multiple times a day. Ten Gigabit Adelaide will provide St Mary's a connection speed five times faster than their current plan.

"Ten Gigabit Adelaide was an opportunity that we couldn't pass up as it offers the capacity to grow as our needs grow," said Director of ICT James Gauci.

Lessons are becoming more heavily web and cloud-based, meaning the capacity of the school's internet connection is critical. Ten Gigabit Adelaide will empower a seamless cloud and web experience without disruption. It will allow students to access larger files that are unable to be sent via email through OneDrive, which is part of the Office 365 suite around the clock. Products such as OneNote can facilitate simultaneous collaboration and documentation in real-time. St Mary’s broader business processes also heavily leverage the cloud through the use of SEQTA, the school management system.

Connectivity is the bedrock of collaboration across all subjects, with tools such as Cisco Webex Teams and OneNote already used to record and annotate various activities in the classroom. Consuming media, analysis and reporting also happens seamlessly using ClickView where students can respond to discussion points and interact with their peers in real-time at various parts of a video.

James said, “having that connectivity is paramount because it means the saving of resources from these collaborative discussion sessions is happening in real-time."

The upgraded high-speed connection will open the door to achieving critical areas of focus, including building engagement with families and the wider community. The capabilities of SEQTA can update school grades but now allow parents through tools such as SeeSaw and SEQTA Engage to follow their child's progress, receiving notifications of school announcements on streamlined platforms.

“One of the areas Ten Gigabit Adelaide opens the door for us is our ability to use the connection to deliver new services – all in house,” said James. “That flexibility for growth is vital, I believe, for any school to have."

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG Telecom as the Official Network Partner to deliver and install the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network. Learn more about the project and the rollout plan.

Community, industry and business leaders worldwide are taking note

“The majority of our work is dispersed inspection and non-destructive testing of assets, most of which is digitised. If we could tap into a ten-gigabit data network, we could centrally locate qualified inspectors and engineers to make real-time decisions rather than having hundreds of field staff flying in and out of remote locations. This could be a real game-changer for our industry and I imagine many others.” Ian Coker, Operations Manager of Bureau Veritas, South Australia.

"This network has the potential to totally transform the City of Adelaide. Not only does it anticipate the future needs of businesses but will establish the City as an early adopter of innovative technologies. Throughout the United States, we have seen that decisions like this have been key to driving innovation and new sources of growth." Professor Edward J Blakely, Chair, Future Cities Collaborative and Honorary Professor in Urban Policy, University of Sydney.

"It's fantastic to see the City of Adelaide working to enable a significant advantage to Adelaide based businesses when competing in the new global digital economy. This is great news for companies like Chamonix that are continually searching for innovative ways to help our customers do business with the world. A super-fast network in the city will help us further explore areas such as virtual reality, machine learning, telehealth and the internet of things. This is great news for business in Adelaide. Access to a super-fast network will allow Adelaide based businesses to communicate utilising new evolving technologies, enabling new digital channels and allow larger payloads to be shared between businesses. Usage of this network will provide significantly greater efficiencies for both local collaboration and when working with other connected high speed cities." Geoff Rohrsheim, Director, Cevo

"Redstack is a progressive, North Adelaide based South Australian headquartered business. At the core of our business is high end cloud services like, so reliable fast connectivity to Cloud datacentres is critical in maintaining a competitive advantage. With the current decline in internet data service – largely due to congestion on the internet, we are already seeing marked declines in productivity. Without access to high speed, cloud connected data, we will have no option but relocate our business to hi speed data centric locations. Hi speed cloud data access is now a mission critical service, second only to electricity. We fully support this project and see enormous benefits for our city and our business." Michael Lachs, Director, Redstack

In the media

Media reports on Ten Gigabit Adelaide are helping strengthen Adelaide’s position as a intelligent community on the world-stage.