City cycleways

An award–winning project

In October 2019 the City Bikeways Project (North-South Bikeway) received a National Award of Excellence in the Infrastructure category at the annual Australia Institute of Landscape Architect (AILA) awards.

"This is an exemplary project for remaking our cities" - Judges citation.

The City of Adelaide in partnership with the State Government of South Australia have committed $12 million in funding to build more cycleways and cycling infrastructure throughout the city and Park Lands.

The city cycleways deliver high-quality bike routes that encourage more people to travel by bike and create a more liveable city.

    Project status

    • Fitzroy Terrace  Medindie Road : Complete
    • Medindie Road  Kingston Terrace: Complete
    • Kingston Terrace – Sir Edwin Smith Avenue: Complete
    • Sir Edwin Smith Avenue – War Memorial Drive: Complete
    • North Terrace – Victoria Drive: Construction May to October 2024
    • Victoria Drive – North Terrace: Construction September to October 2024
    • Rundle Street – North Terrace: Construction May to October 2024
    • Rundle Street  Greenhill Road: Complete

    Benefits of cycleways

    Cycleways provide a healthy transport option that is sustainable and affordable for visitors and residents.

    Other benefits include:

    • greater liveability
    • improved health
    • less pollution
    • reduced travel times and car traffic
    • better connected neighbourhoods and streets
    • a cheaper way for people to get around
    • a safer cycling network for less experienced riders.

    Local businesses also benefit from more cyclists as they have more flexibility to stop and shop.

      Impacts of cycleways in other cities

      Sydney – Double the number of bike trips was made across the city when 12.5 kms of separated cycleways was installed in 2007.

      Calgary – Bike trips in and out of the city increased by 40% after 6.5 kms of separated cycleway was installed in the city centre in 2015.

      Seville – The cycleways in this Spanish city now carry 7% of all city traffic after the installation of 140 kms of cycling infrastructure.

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