Outdoor dining

In line with Government advice, there is currently no outdoor dining taking place.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the City of Adelaide temporarily has a reduced capacity to process permit applications until further notice. You are able to submit an Expression of Interest online application, which will be assessed at a later date.

For all the latest information and updates on our response to COVID-19, please visit www.cityofadelaide.com.au/covid19.

With our warm Mediterranean climate and access to high-quality local produce and wine, Adelaide is perfectly suited to outdoor dining. Combine this with our attractive streets, public art and passionate restaurateurs and we have a recipe for success.

Hosting outdoor dining is essential to Adelaide’s streetscape. It provides an enjoyable and comfortable space for patrons to socialise and unwind across the city and North Adelaide. This, in turn, adds to the cultural life and vibrancy of the city and improves the wellbeing of residents and guests.

The City of Adelaide has a focus on both maintaining the safety, accessibility, convenience and appearance of its footpaths, and making it easier for businesses to create unique and ambient outdoor dining experiences for city patrons. It has a commitment to balancing the needs of all users, hence the outdoor dining permit.

Eligibility criteria

Food and drink businesses which occupy a ground floor establishment with street frontage can apply for an Outdoor Dining Permit. To ensure adequate pedestrian access at all times, some restrictions are necessary.

Some basic guidelines are:

  • footpaths must be a minimum of 3.2m wide and may not be in a taxi or bus zone,
  • new or redesigned outdoor dining areas are to be achieved with fully removable infrastructure,
  • in some instances, energy absorbing bollards may be required,
  • there are set distances required from boundaries/kerbs and infrastructure that may be in the area.

You can read the full details in the outdoor dining guidelines.

Outdoor dining permit fees

To support the continued use and growth of outdoor dining, the City of Adelaide will not be charging fees for outdoor dining permits during the coming financial year for 19/20.

How to apply

If you are an existing food retailer without outdoor dining, or you have already selected and signed contracts for your business premises, please complete the online form below.

Please refer to the development plan zones to see Capital City, main street and other areas.

Apply for an outdoor dining permit

Other conditions

All applications for outdoor dining permits are assessed on a case by case basis. Special conditions may be attached to individual permits if needed, or if conditional approval is available.

Development approval is required for semi-fixed umbrellas.

Need more information?

If you have any questions regarding outdoor dining permits or the approval process, please contact the customer centre:

08 8203 7203

Send an email

Remember! South Australian law prohibits smoking in outdoor dining areas. This includes e-cigarettes, shisha, and hookah. Refer to SA Health for full details.