Park Lands fitness activity permit

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If you are a personal trainer/fitness instructor wishing to use the Adelaide Park Lands or city squares to provide fitness services, activities and/or instruction to people, you must apply for a City of Adelaide Fitness Activity Permit.

This may include individual trainers working for commercial or non-commercial fitness groups.

Fitness activity permit conditions

City of Adelaide will accept applications for Fitness Activity Permits on an ongoing 'first come, first served' basis so they can manage the responsible use of the Park Lands and city squares.

A Fitness Activity Permit requires the permit holder to comply with the relevant terms and conditions outlined in the Use of the Adelaide Park Lands by fitness groups and personal trainer operating guidelines

A fee applies for the fitness activity permit. Please refer to the City of Adelaide's schedule of fees and charges for details (refer to Annual Licence/Permit - Commercial Activity - Low Impact/High community benefit). 

Approved locations

Only designated locations maintained and managed by City of Adelaide are available for personal training and fitness activities. You'll find them marked on the fitness activity locations map

Sporting facilities that are licensed to other organisations (e.g. university, schools and sporting clubs) are not included in the approved locations.

Please note the following areas/facilities are not permitted for use at any time:

  • picnic sheds and benches
  • exclusive use of public outdoor fitness equipment in parks and reserves
  • areas within 10 metres of memorials
  • areas within 10 metres of any playground or item of play equipment
  • areas within 10 metres of any public change room, toilet or kiosk
  • areas within 50 metres of any neighbouring residential property
  • training on stairways and pathways (these can be travelled upon but are not to be used for either static or repeated training routines)
  • BMX track (within Kurangga (Park 20)
  • bridle Path (within Park 6/Nantu Wama)
  • school or university grounds such as Adelaide High School
  • court facilities
  • car parks
  • Adelaide Oval licenced area (Park 26 - bounded by War Memorial Drive, Morphett Street, Pennington Terrace and King William Road)
  • the Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi Heritage Grandstand.

        Approved times

        Use of the Park Lands and City Squares are limited to the specific times:

        Day light savings period: 6:00 am to 9:00 pm
        Non day light savings period: 6:00 am to 7:00 pm

        Some locations also have specific conditions, such as Rymill Park and Rundle Park, which only available from May to October (outside of event season). The proposed location and activity of each application will be individually considered for suitability prior to approval.

        The following activities may be conducted by accredited permit holders in the Adelaide Park Lands and City Squares:

        • gym sessions (with or without free weights, medicine balls, jump and balance activities);
        • aerobic activities – sprints, obstacles, speed and agility courses
        • yoga, tai chi, pilates and any mat activity
        • circuit training
        • boxing with pads
        • a combination of any of the above
        • any other associated activities approved by Council.

        The following activities are not permitted at any time:

        • activities within playgrounds and on picnic benches
        • martial arts (unless covered by separate insurance)
        • the use of logs
        • the use of resistance machinery and heavy weights such as bench/leg presses.

        Ready to apply?

        Great. Applying for a fitness activity permit is easy and can be done online. Before you start, have the following handy and you'll need to include them with your application:

        • exercise Professional registration with Fitness Australia, the national health and fitness industry association
        • public Liability insurance policy to a minimum of $20 million
        • professional Indemnity insurance to a minimum of $5 million.

        Once received with all the supporting documentation your application will be assessed. If the permit is approved, a letter of permission and invoice will be issued; and the activity may commence in accordance with the Conditions for Use. The permit fee must be paid in full before the due date.

        Apply now

          Need more information?

          If you have any questions about the fitness activity permit, please do not hesitate to contact the City of Adelaide's  Customer Centre, Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm: