City economy

Results of research into the economy of Adelaide

The City of Adelaide undertakes research on a range of topics to assist us in planning and understanding the complex dynamics of this modern city.

Economic profile

The City of Adelaide Economic Profile provides economic analysis for the City of Adelaide by combining 11 different datasets to build a cohesive story of a local economy, how it is changing and how it compares to other areas.

Results for the City of Adelaide include Gross Regional Product, local jobs, local businesses, employment, unemployment, population, building approvals, industry structure, journey to work and much more.

The city growth story

The City Growth Story brings together information on the drivers of City growth to date as well as the future prospects for growth.

The City Growth Story takes a broad perspective of “City growth” in considering the drivers of change and the interrelationships between five dimensions of growth – social, physical, economic, cultural and environmental.

The City Growth Story was first produced in 2015 and updated in 2018 to incorporate information from the 2016 Adelaide City Census of Land Use and Employment (ACCLUE), data from 2016 ABS Census, contemporary projects and policy directions.

You can download and read the City Growth Story 2018.

Download and read the City Growth Story 2015

City of Adelaide census of land use and employment

The City of Adelaide census of land use and employment is a statistical snapshot of the City’s employment, industries, land use, parking, and venue capacities. The data gives a rich insight into the city economy.

Data from the census is used by Council to inform their decision making. Other organisations use the insights to supplement their research and understanding of the city and its role and contribution to the South Australian economy.

You can download and read the City of Adelaide Census of Land Use and Employment.

This Census is undertaken every 2 to 3 years. The fieldwork for the latest census was done in April to June 2016.

Selected datasets from the 2011, 2014 and 2016 Censuses are available for download at the Data SA website.