Wellbeing Wallets

Thank you for your interest to receive a Wellbeing Wallet. Registration is now closed as we have exceeded the number of wallets available.

The City of Adelaide is committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of our city community. Supported by the City of Adelaide and the SA Government through the Capital City Committee, the Wellbeing Wallet provides city residents with everything they need to get active, re-connect with family and friends, eat well, and appreciate arts and culture.

The Wellbeing Wallet is inspired by the “5 Ways to Wellbeing” framework: Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice, Connect and Give. See the page tiles below to explore more about each of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, and ideas for how you can look after your wellbeing in the city.

The Wellbeing Wallet offers giveaways to participate in wellbeing boosting activities such as:

  • Be Active – free physical activity in the city.
  • Nutrition – special offer to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables from the Adelaide Central Market.
  • Connect – invite a friend and enjoy one of the fantastic cafes and / or culture and entertainment establishments in the city.

There is significant research showing that regular physical activity, good nutrition with lots of fruit and vegetables and connecting to others is really important for our wellbeing.

Need more information?

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Wellbeing Wallets, please contact the Community Wellbeing Team:

Wellbeing Wallets FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Number of Wallets per household.

A: You can receive more than one Wellbeing Wallet per household, but only one per individual.

Q: Who can receive a Wellbeing Wallet?

A: City of Adelaide residents aged 18 and over are eligible to receive one Wellbeing Wallet each. A city resident is a person living in areas with posts codes 5000 and 5006.

Q: How can I register to receive a Wellbeing Wallet?

A: To register, visit the City of Adelaide website or open the link Wellbeing Wallets | City of Adelaide, click on Register and complete the online registration form. Please note that for your registration to be valid, you need to share your residential address details including the post code.

Q: What happens after completing registration?

A: You will receive an email confirming your registration. Once eligibility is confirmed and your Wellbeing Wallet is ready to be collected, you will receive a second email confirming a time to collect your Wellbeing Wallet from your selected collection point.

Q: Proof of address to collect your Wellbeing Wallet.

A: When collecting your Wellbeing Wallet, you will be asked to show a proof of address document, which can be a driver's licence, proof of age card, student card or document, resident card or house bill in your name, etc.

Q: What is in the Wellbeing Wallet?


  • One Central Market tea towel.
  • Five Wellbeing commitment cards to encourage residents to achieve the “5 Ways for Wellbeing”.
  • A city map and Community Centres information post card.
  • An invitation to become a City Libraries member and “Keep Learning” while discovering a new world of resources.
  • A “Be Active” gift – a free pass to participate in physical activity in one of the city’s sport and recreation centres and Park Lands ($20 value).
  • A “Connect” gift – a free coffee for you and a friend to enjoy at one of the fantastic cafes and/or culture and entertainment establishments in the city ($10 value).
  • Nutrition – special offer to enjoy free fresh fruit and vegetables from the Adelaide Central Market ($25 value).
  • Adelaide Central Market Map with the fruit and vegetables stalls listed.
  • Adelaide Kaurna Walking Trail map and information.

Q: How can I redeem, or spend my Wellbeing cards?


  • Giveaways included in the Wellbeing Wallet can only be spent with the organisation/business and for the product or service mentioned on the card.
  • The Nutrition offer is only valid for use at one of the 14 fruit and vegetable traders in the Adelaide Central Market.
  • If you don’t spend the value on the card at once, you cannot spend the remaining later.
  • These gifts are not redeemable for cash and change cannot be given.
  • The giveaway card needs to be handed in when redeemed.

Q: What is the expiry date?

A: Giveaways included in the Wellbeing Wallet are valid until the 30th of June of 2022.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of Wellbeing Wallets available?

A: There is a limit of 350 Wellbeing Wallets per round. The first round of Wellbeing Wallets will be available in January/February and the second round will be released in March/ April 2022.

Q: Can I have a Wellbeing Wallet on the first round and another on the second round?

A: No. You may only apply for one Wellbeing Wallet, per person, across both rounds.