City Plan – Adelaide 2036

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Why do we need a City Plan?

Developing and growing a city is a considered and thoughtful process.

City Plan will deliver a framework to guide growth and influence how we all experience the city into the next decade.

It will help us drive economic vitality, prioritise social wellbeing, manage environmental sustainability and deal with potential challenges quickly and easily to create a sense of community and connectedness.​

Building on existing plans and commitments, our City Plan will promote city growth that is centred around the needs of its people, now and into the future.

City Plan will help current and future residents, businesses and investors feel confident about investing in our growing city.

What is City Plan?

City Plan is a new way of doing urban planning where we are mapping our vision and strategies for future sustainable growth and development across the City of Adelaide.

Using mapping technologies we can analyse options to get the best results for the community, environment or economy and track how we’re going.

City Plan will be a guide:

To reshape the city based on a long-term vision, with a 10-year delivery focus

For future growth and development of the city

For future city experiences

To inform future decisions about infrastructure and development.

    What is involved in developing our City Plan?

    The development of City Plan integrates current data and information with the expertise and ideas of many different people.

    City of Adelaide is using the latest technology to create a live digital 3D mapping and strategic urban planning tool.

    This spatial vision will reflect what people want the future of Adelaide to be. To do this, we need to get together and talk about how we want to live, work, learn, eat, play, and connect in our capital city in the future.

    Together with our partners in state government and communities across the city, City of Adelaide will develop a City Plan which aims to shape the kind of future that our communities want.

    Project timeline

    1. Council discussions
      19 April 2022 - Council Workshop
      August 2022 - City Plan Story
    2. Context and Issues Papers
      October 2022 - Precedents Report
    3. Investigations
      Into Land supply, Social Infrastructure, Economic Profile, Data Mapping
    4. Urban Design Principles and Scenarios
      2 May 2023 - Council workshop with Consultancy Team
      6 June 2023 - Committee Meeting workshop
    5. Targeted Stakeholder Engagement
      1 September – 15 September 2023
    6. Preparation of Draft City Plan for Community Engagement
      October 2023 – May 2024
    7. Community Engagement to inform the Draft City Plan
      March 2024 – April 2024
    8. Public Consultation on the Draft City Plan
      June 2024 – July 2024
    9. Final City Plan
      September 2024

    Where are we up to?

    City Plan – Adelaide 2036 will be a guide for future growth and development in the City of Adelaide. It will be part of the City of Adelaide’s suite of Strategic Management Plans, as outlined in the Strategic Plan 2024-2028.

    City Plan Stage 1 (April 2023 – June 2023)

    Stage 1 of the City Plan project was an intensive research stage where we used over 400 layer of data to analyse of the potential of the city to grow while also being aware of the environmental impacts. The options were mapped using 3D technology.

    City Plan Stage 2 (July 2023 – October 2023)

    In Stage 2 we engaged with key stakeholders through our ‘City Plan Studio’ with 536 stakeholders from key industry, government, non-government, and community groups participating. The engagement tested future development scenarios using the City Plan mapping tool. Six key themes arose from the engagement:

    • Kaurna collaboration
    • A Greener City
    • Transit Focussed Growth
    • A City of Neighbourhoods
    • Enabling the Missing Middle
    • Re-imagine the Western (City) Edge(s)

    City Plan Stage 3 (January 2024 – May 2024)

    In Stage 3 we produced a draft City Plan – Adelaide 2036 report using what we learned from the earlier stages. This stage included a ‘drop-pin’ mapping survey and local area focus groups. The survey and focus groups provided a better understanding of community views on local identities, growth opportunities, and expectations on amenities and infrastructure as the city continues to grow.

    City Plan Stage 4 (June 2024 – September 2024)

    In Stage 4 we will synthesise community feedback and finalise the City Plan for Council adoption.

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    Explore Adelaide in its current state and find out more about city planning.

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    City Plan – Adelaide 2036 outlines the steps we will take to create a city that is centred around the needs of its people, now and into the future. It will be our guide for sustainably doubling the population of the City of Adelaide over the next decade.

    The draft City Plan has been developed involving extensive research and community 

    collaboration. This approach has helped us understand how we want to live, work, learn, play, and connect in our capital city.

    We would like to hear your feedback on the proposed strategies and focus areas to realise the city’s full potential.

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