Greening Gray Street

Adding greening in the west of the city.

The Gray Street Green Screens are a demonstration project to trial different ways of increasing greening in the City’s west. Over the past three years, a number of improvements have been made in Gray Street, such as street trees, raingardens, new footpaths and parking zones.

Due to limited space from underground services, car parking and often narrow footpaths in the City, it is often challenging to plant more street trees. With support from Green Adelaide, Council is exploring other alternatives to increase greening in contested streetscapes, such as Gray Street.

Project information

The project will install vertical screens and plant vines, creating a green living wall at two locations – one nearer Currie Street and the other towards Franklin Street. Vegetation in urban areas helps to reduce the heat island effect during summer and improves neighbourhood amenity.

Construction will occur in two stages between September and November:

  • Stage 1 involves site preparation works – approximately 20 September – 14 October
  • Stage 2 installation of screens – date TBC

Traffic, pedestrian and parking restrictions may apply during these works. Traffic management will be in place and speed restrictions will apply.

Need more information?

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