Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Working together to make Adelaide one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide is our community’s shared ambition to work together to make the City of Adelaide one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities.

To achieve our goal - as individuals, businesses and as a community - we need to rapidly reduce our carbon emissions.

See how our emissions are tracking below:

Council leads the way

The City of Adelaide has a 10-year strategy and vision for reducing carbon emissions in the city. Our latest Action Plan was approved by Council in May 2023, based on hundreds of conversations and suggestions from our community.

Download the 2022 - 2025 Action Plan

This Plan documents our ongoing effort in four themes:

  • An electrified city
  • A mobile population
  • A green and resilient community
  • A leading Council

As part of our carbon neutral aspiration, City of Adelaide seeks to realise the economic, social and environmental opportunities of responding to climate change, including new investment and local innovation. See how you can learn more. Find out more below about how you can make a difference and the support Council offers. 

Mind Your Business

All city users can reduce carbon emissions, whether in an organisation, through supply chains, sharing knowledge, or in the home.

Find out more about how to play your part as a household or a business, from efficient, all electric buildings to separating organic waste and more. 

Hear from members of our community who are playing their part and reaping the benefits.

See the community voices on climate action below.

Let’s Step It Up

Hear what our community had to say during our 2022 stakeholder and community engagement on what’s next for a low carbon Adelaide.

Climate Action Plan – An All Electric City

Hear what our community had to say about creating an all electric city in Adelaide.

Climate Action Plan – A Mobile Population

Hear what our community had to say about moving towards a mobile population in Adelaide.

Climate Action Plan – A Green and Resilient Community

Hear what our community had to say about creating a green and resilient community in Adelaide.

Climate Action Plan – A Leading Council

Hear what our community had to say about how City of Adelaide is and can continue to be a leading Council.

Our Sustainable City – Sustainable Business Practices

Hear how Duxton Pubs is working towards a circular economy with sustainable business practices.

Our sustainable city - Young people and climate change

Hear what our young people feel about their role in climate action within the City of Adelaide.

Our sustainable city - A more sustainable University of Adelaide

Hear how the University of Adelaide is becoming more sustainable and bringing their students along with them.

Get support to mind your business:

Together we all contribute to a smart, green, liveable and creative city.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide Ambassadors and Partners

From local cafes to banks and commercial property companies, Adelaide’s business community is a broad and active leadership community. Program Ambassadors are exemplars and openly share their knowledge in their own sectors. They are:

  • Uniting Communities – working on a net zero by 2030 plan
  • Adelaide Festival – fully carbon neutral certified event, with ever-expanding efforts with artists and patrons
  • Dsquared – a certified carbon neutral small business and active advocate in the property sector
  • Christie Walk – striving to provide net zero energy and a sustainable inner-urban property development

Need more information?

For more information, refer to the Carbon Neutral Adelaide website.

See the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Strategy 2015 – 2025.

Go electric for a healthy, safe future!

Be part of a clean energy future by moving your home to all-electric.