Taxis & rideshare

Adelaide has a vehicle transport service to suit you.

No matter where you want to go, or how you want to get there, you'll find a means of transport to suit your needs and budget. 

You can choose from traditional taxi cab services, chauffeur and limousine services, or one of the many rideshare options now available. There are also dedicated accessible services for those in wheelchairs or with accessibility issues.

You can relax and ride safely, knowing that all services are accredited by the South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT), in accordance with the Passenger Transport Act 1994 and Passenger Transport Regulations 2009.


Adelaide and suburban areas are serviced by three taxi companies:

In addition, Suburban Access Taxis cater for passengers with a disability. Their vehicles are fitted with hydraulic lifts, allowing those in wheelchairs and scooters to be transported securely and respectfully.

Chauffeur and private hire

Ideal for business travel, airport transfers, or just making an impression, there are a number of chauffeur (or private hire cars as they are often referred to) and limousine services available in Adelaide. They include:

Rideshare services

There are multiple rideshare services operating in Adelaide. Choose from the traditional Uber or Ola

There’s also Shebah (operated by women, for women), or MyCar for eco-friendly transport.

For a full list of accredited passenger transport services in Adelaide, refer to the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).


Two companies provide e-scooters as a fun and efficient way to get around Adelaide.

Used in conjunction with the company's app, e-scooters can be collected and left anywhere within the city boundaries.

For more information, see our e-scooters page