Strategic Risk & Opportunity Register

The Strategic Risk and Opportunity Register identifies what may impact the strategic direction of Council. Executive oversight and management of these risks are part of good governance and supports informed decision making levels. Please refer below for details.

Risk: Ineffective or weakened relationships with the City of Adelaide community and with the three tiers of government - federal, state, local. Ineffective relationship management with the private sector.

Opportunity: To enhance stakeholder relationships which will assist in better partnerships and outcomes. Continue to build on and enhance relationships with other government bodies to empower partnerships and growth for the state.

Risk: Downturn in economic outlook of the country, state and city resulting in reduced Council revenue impacting delivery of strategic objectives, rates, vibrancy of the city, population, growth targets etc.

Opportunity: Increased business attraction to the city. Meeting a number of objectives in Council’s Strategic Plan regarding the vibrancy of the City.

Risk: Projects and services being undertaken without consideration of stakeholders, project context and/or risk management, resulting in poor decision making and failure for successful service delivery. Balancing probity, quality, equity and compliance; whilst being innovative.

Opportunity: Effective and efficient projects and services being undertaken across the city and smaller projects being managed better internally. Build on our Customer Focused approach in every daily interaction.

Risk: Ensuring compliance with an understanding of Council policies and legislative requirements. Risk of failing risk culture due to the fear of escalating risks throughout the organisation. Work Health Safety compliance and risk management to people safety.

Opportunity: Best practice services and processes across all council operations. A safe work environment for all workers including staff, volunteers and contractors.

Risk: Poor organisational culture may contribute to loss of productivity, high employee turnover and missed innovative business opportunities.

Opportunity: Continuing to work towards a high performing culture via building strong and inspirational leadership that enables engaged and capable people.

Risk: Insufficient preparation on emergency situations that could affect the City; from large incidents, such as earthquakes to smaller incidents such as a medical episode at a community event.

Opportunity: Council as a community leader in times of crisis and assisting authorities where possible. CoA to continue to be a sector leader and assist with other councils and the LGA in both response and recovery.

Risk: Loss of community faith and/or trust due to negative reputation of the City of Adelaide. Media, poor performance, not meeting strategic objectives and not delivering successful projects and services could increase the risk. Sovereign risks of CoA’s portfolio including asset management.

Opportunity: Becoming an Industry Leader in Local Government. Developing stronger relationships with the community and building trust.

Risk: Building efficiencies in city operations and understand where the City of Adelaide can add value. Long term financial sustainability to meet projects and visions in the Strategic Plan and deliver these for the community.

Opportunity: Long term financial stability which provides an allowance to undertake a number of innovative projects for the community. Meeting the three main measures (1) Operating Surplus, (2) Asset Sustainability Ratio, and (3) Net Financial Liabilities.

Risk: The climate is changing and will continue to change, in ways that will increasingly impact operations, infrastructure, services and the community at large.

Opportunity: That council understands climate risks and integrates climate adaptation and mitigation opportunities across council operations.

Risk: Inefficiencies with the delivery of City of Adelaide’s operations (internal processes and commercial businesses) due to a lack of a modern, integrated and secure digital environment.

Opportunity: Enhance City of Adelaide’s ability to deliver modern digital services to the organisation and community stakeholders through modern IT technologies that are efficient and safe.

Last updated: 15 July 2020