Meeting live stream

City of Adelaide Council, Committee Meetings and some additional meetings have resumed with physical (rather than remote) attendance. On certain occasions, The Committee and some additional meetings will be conducted via Zoom and streamed live onto City of Adelaide's YouTube channel.

Public involvement at meetings

Please note that there remains in place significant restrictions on the number of public who can attend (based on legislated density and social distancing requirements). Watching the live stream remains the best way for you to watch proceedings.

Refer to public involvement at meetings for more information about other ways to get involved.

The Committee Meeting - 4 May 2021

Join the meeting

You can join from any PC or mobile device browser. Please note the meeting commences at 5:00 pm.

Having trouble joining a live streamed meeting?

Check out the step-by-step guide for troubleshooting. Learn more about Skype Meeting Broadcasts.

Past Council and The Committee meetings

Due to a technical issue, the council meeting on 30 December 2020 could not be streamed on YouTube. An audio recording of the meeting is available here.

View past Council or The Committee meetings in the playlist below. 

Missed a meeting? Don't worry, you can also watch previous meetings via YouTube.

Video livestreams on YouTube

Some meetings of Council and The Committee may be conducted remotely and livestreamed via Zoom onto YouTube. Due to the nature of these meetings, there will occasionally be interruptions in the livestream when confidential agenda items are discussed. When a meeting goes into Confidence, the livestream feed will end. The livestream will continue when the meeting emerges from Confidence.

What this means for the viewer

Every time a meeting goes into Confidence, the livestream meeting on the YouTube page you are watching will cease. To continue watching the livestream meeting, please return to the City of Adelaide YouTube channel page. The livestream video will automatically appear on the main City of Adelaide YouTube channel page when it continues.