Fast and tasty lunches on Hutt Street

Hutt Street

Hutt Street is brimming with fast lunch pit-stops. Spend less time waiting and more time delighting your tastebuds. They’re lunch break ready or perfect for grumbling weekend tummies.

Hutt Street Chicken and Seafood

188 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

A good old fashioned chicken shop has a special place in most hearts. Hutt Street Chicken and Seafood have various sized chicken, lamb and schnitty hot packs that cater for appetites of all sizes. If you are feeling nostalgic, opt for a chiko roll, or pretend you’re seaside with lightly battered fish and piping hot chips.

Pull up a seat outside to tuck in or take it to run. Be sure to take home some jam donuts to score major brownie points with your friends and family.

Gong Korean BBQ Restaurant

171A Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Korean BBQ is all about minimal effort and maximum taste. Gong Korean BBQ Restaurant provides everything you need to create a feast cooked over charcoal barbeques. You can indulge your inner chef while revelling in the fact that it’s pretty foolproof.

Grab some pals and make the most of the set menus which are excellent value. The different combos allow you to mix and match bulk skewers, Korean fried pancakes, salads, and beer or soju. If you’re on a solo adventure and armed with a healthy hunger, give the buffet a go.

Social Street S2

174A Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Social Street S2 bring the authentic tastes of Thailand to Hutt Street. From curries to wok tossed delights, the eatery has a curated menu of all the classics.

Social Street S2 love catering for a broad range of dietary requirements with the ability to make plenty of dishes vegan or gluten free. For those who like it hot, you’re in the right place. Pick your spice level from a sliding scale which starts at no chilli and escalates to a “freakin’ hot”.

Mk's Café

178 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Mk’s Café have a well-deserved reputation as burger specialists. The café is American inspired so wholeheartedly embraces the ethos of more is more. Though the burger varieties are split between beef and chicken, Mk’s menu still manages to spoil with choice. For those that can’t decide, the Frankenstein is a deliciously monstrous combo of both.

The ode to America continues with the loaded baskets. The New York Fries marries battered chicken with BBQ sauce while the Soho Basket is a salsa and sour cream affair.

The Yiros Hutt

171 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

The Yiros Hutt is a favourite amongst Adelaide yiros enthusiasts. Take your pick of succulent lamb, chicken, pork, fish or falafel. Pick your main filling of choice which is then wrapped in fluffy pita pockets filled with fresh salad and a garlic sauce that is a journey in itself. Come full circle with traditional Greek sweets such as baklava or short bread.

The eatery leads a delicious double life, serving up a traditional Tianjin breakfast from Wednesday to Sunday. There are north-eastern Chinese delights such as wonton soups, savoury pancakes and fried donut sticks which are handmade fresh daily. Prices start from as little as $1.50.

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