The AdLib Hour

Your stories, our city.

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A community created podcast sharing your stories about life in our city.
Produced in partnership with Radio Adelaide and Adelaide City Libraries.

Do you have a story you want to tell?

We’re asking you to share your story about life in our city for a chance to be broadcast on Radio Adelaide and published in the Adelaide City Libraries’ new podcast, The AdLib Hour.

Each month, Adelaide City Libraries will be calling for submissions of your city stories. Radio Adelaide will guide you through the process with online training material to help you craft your perfect story. Selected participants will have the chance to attend a special rehearsal where you will perfect your delivery prior to recording in front of a live audience at the City Library.

All submitted stories will have the chance to be published on The AdLib Hour website as a public collection illustrating what it is to live in Adelaide. The AdLib Hour is a celebration of our diverse community, culture and creativity. Read on for more details and information on how to apply. Happy storytelling!

Upcoming events

Jun 17, 2022

The AdLib Hour – Live Performance 01 – Home

City Library

Jul 22, 2022

The AdLib Hour – Live Performance 02 – Golden Opportunities

City Library

Aug 12, 2022

The AdLib Hour – Live Performance 03 – Cause for Celebration

City Library

Open for submissions

Episode 02 - Golden Opportunities

Sometimes opportunities come from the most unlikely of circumstances. Do you have a tale of surprising fortune, an unexpected situation, once in a lifetime chance, or a blessing in disguise? Share your golden opportunities with the wider community!

Submissions Open: 1 May 2022

Submissions Close: 7 June 2022

Rehearsal Date: 15 July 2022

Live Recording Date: 22 July 2022

Submit your story

      Upcoming themes

      Everyone loves big and fabulous festivals, bright lights and special events and Adelaide is home to some of the best in the world. Or maybe it’s the smaller celebrations that hold a special meaning for you. Whether it's glitz and glam or an intimate affair with friends, share your celebration stories today!

      Submissions Open: 1 June 2022

      Submissions Close: 5 July 2022

      Rehearsal Date: 5 August 2022

      Live Recording Date: 12 August 2022

      We plant seeds as a way to connect to nature, give to future generations and turn our thumbs green. Do you have a story of a seed that has born fruit, or maybe one that you hope to flower in the future? We’d love to hear it!

      Submissions Open: 1 July 2022

      Submissions Close: 9 August 2022

      Rehearsal Date: 16 September 2022

      Live Recording Date: 23 September 2022

      Submit your story

      Frequently asked questions

      Storytellers are required to attend both the rehearsal and the live event where recording will take place.

      The rehearsal is a great way for you to shake off your nerves and get individual feedback about your delivery from a Radio Adelaide presenter.

      These dates are fixed in advance. If you are unable to participate on these dates, your story submission will not be able to be chosen.

      Yes, you can still submit your story without it and a member of The AdLib Hour team will contact you to record the audio in an alternative way.

      It is best to submit an audio sample with your story as it puts you in control of the audio. The AdLib Hour team will not be able to accommodate multiple attempts at the audio so you may only have one shot at getting it right.

      Here are some instructions to help you record your audio file:

      For Apple computers

      To attach file: Find the recording in your “Document Folder”.

      For Windows computers

      To attach file: drag the recording from the Voice Memos window to the desktop directly so it is easier to locate.

      If you are recording on your phone we recommend doing this as a video file via your camera. These files can be found in the Camera Roll folder.

      Stories can be submitted in several ways:

      • Online through The AdLib Hour submission form
      • Complete the paper form (PDF) and post your story to Hutt Street Library addressed to:
        Adelaide City Libraries -The AdLib Hour
        235 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000
      • In person at any Adelaide City Library centre using the paper form (PDF)
      • If none of these methods are suitable, library staff are happy to help you with your submission. Please drop in to your nearest centre or call us on 08 8203 7990 to speak with a staff member.

      Of course! Multiple submissions are acceptable; you may have two stories in our submission process for any one theme, at any one time. We will only select one story per person for inclusion in the program.

      At the end of the submission period our staff will shortlist the stories.

      You will be contacted by phone or email about the outcome of your submission within four weeks of the closure date.

      If you have given permission for your story to be displayed on the website and it is appropriate content, it will be published after the program airs on Radio Adelaide.

      All members of the community who have a story about life in Adelaide are encouraged to enter.

      In order to enter a story you must be:

      • aged 12 years or older, and
      • a South Australian resident, and
      • available to attend the rehearsal date, and
      • available to present your story in front of an audience at the Live Performance.

        Stories will be selected based on the following criteria:

        • The story is suitable for a 'G-rated' general audience, including children
        • That your story is aligned to the Community Radio Codes of Practice. We celebrate diverse voices and stories.
        • The story is socially inclusive and does not adhere to any particular belief to the exclusion of others.
        • The story is relevant to the theme
        • The story is engaging
        • The speaker is an effective presenter
        • The story is relevant to life in Adelaide
        • The variety and diversity of the collection of stories for the monthly program

        Selection of successful entries is at the at the sole discretion of City of Adelaide.

        Both. You do need to think through and write your full story in order to submit it. We will be selecting stories based on how engaging they are so you will need to share the full arc of your story as well as the hooks, the highs, the lows and all the feelings. 

        The ‘ad lib’ aspect of the program refers to presenting your story ‘off the cuff’ on the night of the live performance. We want stories to be delivered naturally rather than read from a script but you may like to have a cheat sheet to support you. You will have a chance to practice and find a method that works best for you at the rehearsal with Radio Adelaide if your story is selected.

        Training information

        Selected storytellers will attend a rehearsal workshop facilitated by Radio Adelaide. Shake off your nerves and receive thoughtful, individual feedback about your story and delivery. This is a two hour session held from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on the Friday prior to the recording.

        There are also a range of online resources that can help you create your story. 

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        Need more information?

        If you have any questions about The AdLib Hour, please contact Adelaide City Libraries:

        Send an email

        08 8203 7990