The AdLib Hour

Everyone has a story to share.

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A community created podcast sharing stories from people who live, work and play in Adelaide. Produced in partnership with Radio Adelaide and Adelaide City Libraries.

The AdLib Hour is a podcast program celebrating the diversity, culture and creativity of people who live, work and play in Adelaide. These are your stories. Your voices.

Listen to The AdLib Hour podcast to meet new and diverse people from all walks of life. Experience part of what makes them who they are through the amazing power of storytelling.
Browse our resources and connect with Adelaide City Libraries to learn the skills and access the technology to make your own podcasts or oral stories.

Upcoming programs and events

1 Aug 2024 - 20 Sept 2024

SALA 2024: Memory Palace 5000 by Emerging Curator Stavroula Adameitis aka Frida Las Vegas

City Library

1 Aug 2024 - 17 Sept 2024

SALA 2024: Unity Housing Company Exhibition

Hutt Street Library

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