Small bar licensing

Selling and supplying alcohol to consumers

In recent years Adelaide’s city centre and North Adelaide has been a surge in the number of small bars and venues opening. Liquor licence laws can be complex, and getting them wrong can be costly to your reputation and pocket. The City of Adelaide has put together this guide to help businesses and events which sell or supply alcohol to consumers.

Liquor Licencing Act

If you are involved in a business that will sell or supply alcohol to consumers, you have a responsibility in accordance with the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.

By definition, a small venue is located in the Adelaide central business district (CBD) and cannot have more than 120 patrons at one time. Some examples include bars, cafes, restaurants and galleries.

Applying for a Liquor licence

If you need to apply for a liquor licence, Consumer and Business Services are the body responsible for administering the Liquor Licensing Act.

Contact them for information, forms and fact sheets relating to Liquor Licensing in South Australia.

If you are organising an event where alcohol will be sold, you must apply for a Limited Liquor Licence.

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