Flower Day on Melbourne Street

Melbourne Street

From 1938 to 1975, Adelaide celebrated an annual Flower Day that allowed Adelaidean's to show pride in their city by beautifying it with mass displays of flowers. Some 46 years later, Flower Day made its long-awaited return on Thursday 23 September 2021.

Melbourne Street celebrated Flower Day with a creative and joyful installations and gerbera stem giveaways along the street.

New bespoke, wrought-iron living sculpture mannequins were installed at the Jerningham Street corner, and the community can continue to watch them grow.

Flower Day mannequins

Three other new Melbourne Street mannequins featured an amazing floral installation.

Flower Day mannequins on Melbourne Street

Anya Anastasia created a dress made with fresh ranunculi and roamed the street spreading joy with gerbera stem giveaways.

Flower girl handing out flowers

To celebrate the day, students at North Adelaide Primary School also received a gerbera stem to take home to a loved one. 

To receive a flower, an unexpected and beautiful gift, was such a lovely surprise. During these difficult times gestures like this mean so much!

—North Adelaide Primary School parent