Sarah Divine Qigong brings Qigong to the Park Lands

“Think Yoga meets Tai Chi meets meditation and breathwork”, that’s how Sarah of Sarah Divine Qigong describes the practise of White Tiger Qigong.

Sarah has been teaching Qigong since 2015 and has helped many people on their journey of enhancing health and wellbeing. “Teaching Qigong requires me to really embody the practice, and I love this as it means I have integrated this really amazing wellbeing modality into my daily routine and way of life”, says Sarah.

When the City of Adelaide launched free Fitness Activity Permits for PT operators and gym classes as part of Reignite Adelaide, Sarah jumped at the chance to take her sessions into the outdoors.  

"The sessions drew the attention of passers-by and in this way, I got a couple of new students!”

“Being outside in the Park Lands to practise was a fantastic opportunity to connect to nature, an important aspect of this Qigong. Having the free permit meant that my three groups could meet on a weekly basis without me needing to hire a space". 

In an effort to support city businesses and encourage people to come back to the city, in 2021 the City of Adelaide launched over 20 initiatives, including the free Fitness Activity Permits, as part of Reignite Adelaide.

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