Walking your dog in the Adelaide Park Lands

Covering over 760 hectares, the Adelaide Park Lands are Australia’s biggest backyard. There are 29 parks and 6 city squares all with a variety of different features and facilities for everyone, including our four-legged friends.

As the Adelaide Park Lands is a place for everyone, there are some rules in place to reduce risks to your dog, native plants and wildlife, and other park visitors.

On-leash and off-leash areas

There are locations where dogs can be off-leash and where they need to be on-leash.

Click or tap on the maps below to view them in full screen, or see our list of dog on leash and off leash areas.

Adelaide Park Lands

Dog management map adelaide park lands

Victoria Park

Dog management victoria park

In addition, you must keep your dog on-leash at all times when:

  • within a playground.
  • within five metres of children’s playground equipment if playground is not enclosed.
  • organised sport is in play.

Leashes must be strong and not exceed two metres in length.

No dog area

Please note that no dogs, other than certified assistance dogs, are allowed in the olive grove used for horse agistment in Bonython Park / Tulya Wardli/ (Park 27).

Dog waste

Always pick up after your dog. There are dispensers in the Park Lands with compostable dog waste bags that can go into the green organics bin.

Additional rules

Ensure you have control of your dog at all times, both on and off-leash. See our dog behaviour guide for some common issues.

Your dog must wear a current registration tag on their collar. Learn more about registering your dog.

Lost dogs

If you've lost your dog, follow our advice for missing dogs and cats.

If you find a stray dog, please report it to us.

Need more information?

If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Centre.