Restoration of the Adelaide Mosque

Adelaide Mosque - Little Gilbert Street, Adelaide

In 1998, an engineer’s report showed the two eastern minarets of the Adelaide Mosque were distressed structurally and required reconstruction and reinforcing to make them structurally (seismically) stable.

Given the national significance of the Mosque, a funding strategy was put in place which divided the total costs equally between all tiers of Government (Local, State and Federal) and the owner – a four-way funding partnership.

Conservation works began in early 2000 with the intent of reusing as much of the original masonry as possible, and works were completed later that year.

In 2006-2007, an engineer was engaged to monitor and report on the condition of the two western minarets of the Mosque. A three-way funding partnership was put in place between Government (Local and Federal) and the owner, and conservation works began in 2010.

The completed restoration of all four minarets was completed in 2011 and used the maximum amount of historic material whilst bringing them up to current structural requirements.

The Restoration Journey...