Flags & banners

Colourful event and activity promotion along key city streets

As you move through the city and North Adelaide, you can’t help but notice the colourful flags and banners that line the city streets.

Types of flag poles

There are two different types of flag poles used throughout the city and North Adelaide.

Governance flag poles - reserved for flags such as the Australian national flag, the state flag, Australian Aboriginal flag, Torres Strait Islander flag and the Australian Coat of Arms. These flag poles are found in Victoria Square /Tarntanyangga, the Grote Street median strip, outside Town Hall* and in Brougham Place. 

*Please note, due to the Adelaide Town Hall Conservation Project no flag requests will be granted from 25 February 2024 to 31 January 2025 (inclusive).

Promotional flag poles - primarily used for the promotion of city-based events and festivals. These flag poles are found throughout the city and North Adelaide and can be hired to promote the following:

  • public conferences
  • exhibitions
  • civic programs
  • shows
  • sporting events
  • concerts
  • sponsor association with city based events
  • role of city precincts
  • key charity drives or appeals
  • major events held by charities
  • events of state, national or international significance.

Flag and banner applications can be submitted up to one year prior to the installation date, except those to be displayed during January, February and March, which is regarded as the peak period.

In order of priority, bookings will be taken for:

  • City of Adelaide owned events
  • City of Adelaide sponsored/partnered events
  • Events with a Multi-Year Event Licence

In July of each year, events sponsored by the City of Adelaide will be sent an expression of interest (EOI) form for bookings during the peak period of January, February and March. Multi-Year Event Licence recipients are encouraged to apply at this time for any remaining sites following the EOI process.

Other applications for January, February and March displays are to be submitted in August of the year prior (they will not be considered before this time), with site allocations being finalised in September. Note: applications will still be accepted after the recommended submission dates, however availability during peak periods is unlikely due to high demand. 

All applications must be received at least 28 days prior to the installation date in order to be considered. All applications are processed in accordance with the City of Adelaide’s flags and banners policy.

With high visibility and exposure throughout key locations in Adelaide’s CBD and North Adelaide, flags and banners are an extremely affordable outdoor advertising medium. Refer to the flags and banners rate card for details. 

Please note a permit fee of $44.10 applies per application. If approved, hirers will be invoiced for the banner sites at the end of the booking period; (after banners are removed from display).

The minimum period of hire is for one week, ranging from Sunday to Sunday.

Flags and banners must enhance the appearance of the area, be well designed, of good quality and condition. Refer to the flags and banners design guidelines for details and specifications.

Council reserves the right to accept or reject applications and remove banners from display without notice.

Hirers must give the City of Adelaide at least four weeks’ notice in writing of any cancellations. A cancellation fee of 50 per cent of the agreed booking request will apply if this does not occur.

All installation and dismantling will be conducted by the City of Adelaide's Public Realm Team.

Hirers are required to send their banners to the City of Adelaide’s Mile End Works Depot (10 – 24 London Road, Mile End) by the Wednesday prior to installation on the Sunday. Banners must be rolled prior to delivery. Banners which are delivered flat packed will not be installed.

Banners must be collected from the Mile End Works Depot by the Friday following removal. Banners not collected after this time may be disposed of. If arranging a courier to collect, please ensure they are aware of exactly what they are collecting (for example: include event name).

The City of Adelaide will make every endeavour to install banners on the date confirmed, however, installation is also be dependent on traffic, weather conditions and other external factors.
Should construction or maintenance work be undertaken to the banner poles and render them unavailable, the City of Adelaide will contact the hirer to agree on alternate sites (if available) or shorten the length of the display if possible. We will not refund costs should sites be rendered unavailable after installation.

The City of Adelaide does not take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged banners.

If you are interested in booking banners on Sir Donald Bradman Drive which leads into the city centre, please contact Visualcom via the details below.

Ready to apply?

Applications for flags and banners should be lodged online. Before you start, please make sure you have the following handy as you will need to submit:

  • the proposed flag or banner design and its dimensions 
  • a brief description of the purpose for your display
  • a Certificate of Currency of your Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of $20 million and noting City of Adelaide as an interested party 
  • your proposed location(s) (alternative locations will be suggested if these are not available)
  • permit fee of $44.10

    Apply now

    Need more information?

    If you have any questions regarding flags and banner displays throughout the city and North Adelaide, please contact the City of Adelaide’s Customer Centre, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm