City works

To maintain public safety and the coordination of space, permits are required to undertake commercial maintenance or construction works in the public realm.

When do I need a City Works Permit?

You must apply for a City Works Permit before undertaking any works on City of Adelaide roads, footpaths and parklands.

Permission to complete works on Council's roads and footpaths is issued under Section 221 & 222 of the Local Government Act and in accordance with other relevant legislation.

For works in Council's parklands, permission is issued under Section 200 & 202 of the Local Government Act, By-Law 3 and in accordance with other relevant legislation.

    City Work Guidelines

    To assist you in planning your work activities, we have developed a suite of City Works Guides:

    City Works Guide # 1: - Works in the Public Realm
    A guide for road, footpath and parklands occupation, compounds, pedestrian raceways, hoarding, and parking.

    City Works Guide # 2: Works Impacting Council Assets
    A guide for trees, roads, footpaths, parklands, kerbing, stormwater, lighting and electrical.

    Note: Refer to Council standards and guidelines for reinstatement requirements following work which impacts Council assets. 

    City Works Guide # 3 – Managing Demolition and Construction
    A guide for demolition and construction from the public realm, scaffolding and catch platforms

    City Works Guide # 4 - Concrete Pumps and Pours
    ​A guide for concrete pumps and pours

    City Works Guide # 5 – Cranes and Elevated Work Platforms
    A guide for cranes, mobile cranes, crane trucks, elevated work platforms

    City Works Guide #6 - Ladders, Industrial Bins and Shipping Containers
    ​A guide for ladders, industrial bins and shipping containers.


    A fee is applicable for any City Works permit. Please refer to the city works fees and charges schedule.

    Use our permit fee calculator to estimate your fees before applying.

    City Works and Hoarding

    Fee calculator
    Fee TypeActivity TypeFee Calculation Minimum Fee (per application)Fee Cap (per application, per day)
    City Works

    Mobile scaffolding

    Scissor lift

    Skip bin

    Shipping container

    Elevated platform

    Concrete pour



    $1.75 per square metre, per day





    Fixed scaffolding

    $0.45 per square metre, per day



    Application time

    All efforts are made to assess permit applications as quickly as possible. To prevent delays in your application, please provide everything requested in the section above, with as much detail as possible. Assessments can be delayed when we need to contact you to obtain more information.

    Your application should be submitted at least five business working days prior to your intended start date. Please be advised that from 1 July 2024, the processing time for City Works applications covering the sole use of ladders, bins or shipping containers will change from 2 business days to 5 business days to more accurately reflect the processing times for these types of applications and to support the timely authorisation ahead of the proposed start date.

    We understand that situations may arise that result in delays or rescheduling of works. Please contact us if you need to discuss changes to a City Works application you have submitted. You may also notify us of changes via the City Works extension or amendment form.

    Please note that if the proposed works requires Council to undertake public consultation, the permit application will need to be submitted four to six weeks prior to the intended start date.

    How to apply

    You can apply for a City Works Permit online with other key construction authorisations in one place. This application covers your City Works Permit, Local Nuisance exemptions and Temporary Parking Control alterations as required.

    The following information must be supplied with your application so it can be processed: 

    • A certificate of currency of your Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of $20 million, noting City of Adelaide as an interested party.
    • A Traffic Management Plan/ Site Plan (a map which details the location of the works, street, property line, hoarding/mesh, lighting, pedestrian signs, spotters, distances etc.)
    • Confirmation of consultation that has been undertaken with any/all affected parties in the area of your works.

    Apply for a City Works Permit

    Needing to extend, or amend the dates of a current City Works application/approval?

    Submit an amendment or extension

    Level of consultation required

    You are required to notify adjoining owners and occupiers as well as any other local stakeholders in the area who would be affected by your work activity in the following instances:

    • If street occupation is required in front of a property other than the primary address where associated work activity is being carried out.
    • If the work activity affects the local environment of a property, including access, noise, dust and visibility.
    • As directed by an officer of the City of Adelaide.

    Notification letters must be provided to all impacted stakeholders at least 24hrs prior to the commencement of works.

    Notification letters must contain all relevant details about the work including a site map of the work area, a description of the work activity, dates/times and a site contact (including 24 hour if applicable).

    If a proposed work activity cannot be undertaken without directly impacting a neighbour or other stakeholder and all reasonable alternatives have been considered, you will be required to consult with the impacted stakeholders and provide them an opportunity to raise concerns. If the impacted stakeholders agree to the works being carried out as proposed, we will request confirmation of this in writing, to be provided by the applicant before the application can be approved.

    Stakeholder consultation is required when:

    • vehicle or pedestrian access to a business or residence will be restricted for any period
    • transport infrastructure or access to it will be restricted or required to be relocated
    • as directed by an officer of the City of Adelaide.

    Stakeholder consultation letters must be provided to all impacted stakeholders at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of works. A copy of the letter and all confirmation replies are to be forwarded to the City of Adelaide for the application to be approved. Consultation letters must contain all relevant details about the work including a site map of the work area, a description of the work activity, dates/times and a site contact (including 24 hour if applicable).

    In accordance with Section 223(1) of the Local Government Act 1999 and the City of Adelaide Community Consultation Policy (see Table 1, column 14) if proposed works are to impede traffic to a ‘material degree’, then the City Works application will be subject to public consultation for a minimum of 21 days.

    We will manage the consultation process, which will include an advert in the newspaper and appearing online. Applications open for consultation can be viewed on our Your Say Adelaide page.

    What does this mean for you?

    The application process has not changed, however, if you think your activity is likely to impede the passage of traffic to a material degree, please allow a minimum of four to six weeks prior to the intended commencement of your activity to ensure your application can be assessed and the required consultation undertaken.

    Alternatively, if possible or appropriate you may also choose to consider how to achieve your outcomes without impeding traffic to a material degree and hence require consultation. We are happy to discuss this with you, noting it will not always be possible.

    For more information on how assessments will be determined, please view our City Works Public Consultation Guide.

    Need more information?

    If you have any questions about City Works Permits or the application process, please contact us: