International Promoters Program

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Adelaide is an ideal base for a business. Offering stable and low-risk investment opportunities, it is a great place to study in one of the world’s most liveable cities. Adelaide’s international connections and partnerships play a vital role in our future success and growth. We are looking to further harness the international links that already exist in our city to propel Adelaide and its many selling points to the world.

What is the City of Adelaide International Promoters Program?

The International Promoters Program (IPP) aims to build and foster links between Adelaide’s business community and Sister Cities and key international markets through the creation of a network of Adelaide residents with connections to help us advocate for Adelaide as a great place to live, study, invest and visit.

Adelaide is a diverse multicultural city. 44.2 per cent of City of Adelaide residents were born overseas. China, United Kingdom and Malaysia are the major countries of birth. The City of Adelaide sees great potential in reaching out to business people in Adelaide to support their businesses and foster greater engagement between Adelaide and international markets.

The program is mutually beneficial for the city, businesses, and investors in Adelaide. Members will gain advice from the Council and access to a network of peers to share knowledge and information, while the city will thrive from an established group of advocates committed to promoting Adelaide internationally. Members of the program have no official role in the City Council and their position as advocates for Adelaide is purely honorary.

The City of Adelaide will offer two information sessions for the IPP in 2020 to provide up-to-date information on investment opportunities in the City of Adelaide and access to the Lord Mayor and Council members. Attendees will receive a tool kit of City of Adelaide promotional collateral and learn more about opportunities for investment in Adelaide and how to access local government support.

The IPP is a means to grow Adelaide’s engagement with global markets - a way to grow our exports and showcase Adelaide globally as a great place to live, study, invest and visit. The City of Adelaide wants to build enduring business-to-business links and create business networks that will help Adelaide businesses expand and thrive internationally, with measurable benefits to the city.

The program will further leverage the work that the Adelaide international and multicultural business community is doing to bring international delegations to Adelaide to encourage investment and growth.

Success will mean increased:

  • Inbound business delegations
  • visitor numbers, including incentive tourism groups
  • investment in Adelaide.

We want to build a network that is committed to supporting the future economic growth of Adelaide and making the city an even better place to live, study, invest and visit.

We are looking for advocates who:

  • are willing to assist their international associates wishing to engage with Adelaide
  • have strong, validated connections internationally and can enhance Adelaide’s profile
  • have resided in Adelaide for at least three years.

Key sectors of interest for the City of Adelaide’s engagement internationally are:

  • Property Development
  • Education and training
  • Tourism
  • Renewable Energy
  • Creative Industries

Joining the IPP will provide:

  • engagement with the City of Adelaide Council
  • useful materials and information to help you grow your business and investments in Adelaide
  • connections to a valuable network, opening doors for your business
  • information to help you identify growth opportunities.

As a powerful advocate, you will contribute to an active community of like-minded individuals with strong interest in Adelaide and global markets, and an advocate for the city.

Active members of the network will boost their business by connecting with promising partners and suppliers. These connections will help to open doors to new opportunities internationally and in Adelaide. Be inspired and raise the ambition and scope of your business, through exposure to expertise and knowledge that will allow you to accomplish better results for your international business.

Register your interest via the registration options below and complete the application form.