Restoration of Beresford Arms

Beresford Arms - Gilles Street, Adelaide

Built in 1839, the Beresford Arms is Adelaide's earliest remaining Inn. The building was first licensed as the Beresford Arms in March 1840. It is one of only two dozen remaining buildings shown on Kingston's Map of 1842.

City of Adelaide purchased this historic, State Listed property in 2006. At the time of purchase the building was in a very poor state. Lack of maintenance and a fire had left the building in a condition many would think was beyond repair. However, Council recognised the loss of this building would also be the loss of a significant connection to Adelaide's first settlers.

Conservation work commenced in November 2007. Work included conservation of the original timber shingle roof and protection via a new galvanised iron roof. There were extensive salt damp treatments, a new floor, conservation of original ceilings, new ceilings (in some cases), a new fence and the excavation of an original cellar.

The work is now complete, and the project provides an amazing example of the results achievable when you have committed owners, architects and tradespeople as well as access to Council’s Heritage Incentives Scheme. The building was sold in 2012.

Watch these videos that tell the story of the Beresford Arms conservation project: