Leading the way in connectivity

Adelaide. Australia’s most connected city.

The City of Adelaide is delighted and proud to be recognised as one of the top 7 Intelligent Communities in the world.

Adelaide’s position as Australia’s most connected city has been gaining momentum for over a decade through strategic project investment. The cornerstone of this achievement is Ten Gigabit Adelaide - Australia’s only ten gigabit per-second data network. Ten Gigabit Adelaide has already had a positive impact on creative, biomedical, and technological industries.

Investment and economic growth have been fuelled by active and collaborative relationships across all levels of government, universities, and the private sector, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Lot Fourteen, Australia’s first innovation neighbourhood, continues to attract leading innovators from across the globe. The precinct is home to the Australian Space Agency and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Living Lab, among many other organisations who are producing technology which are transforming real-world problems.

Sustainability is at the heart of City of Adelaide, ensuring innovative thinking is applied to achieve sustainable growth. The City of Adelaide, in a first for SA councils, will source our electricity from one hundred per cent renewable sources and our operations will be carbon neutral by the end of 2020.

A repeated acknowledgement as one of the world’s most liveable cities and an engrained culture of innovation highlights how Adelaide is designed for life.

Smart cities use technology to work more efficiently and improve the quality of life of its community. Comprehensive and real-time big data plays a pivotal role in a city’s ability to recognise patterns and learn valuable insights about needs such as security, transportation and the analysis of growth patterns to plan for the future. Technology such as sensors, cameras and network connections can be integrated with software, big data and artificial intelligence to allow for the automation of various processes, minimising error and the labour required to deliver outcomes.

 Adelaide’s smart city initiatives include:

Intelligent communities approach societal problems with the aim of developing long term solutions to deliver benefits beyond the scope required through tapping into local expertise. They are citizen-driven through engagement with the community, educational institutions and industry as partner in the planning and implementation of projects. An intelligent community approach ultimately saves money and time as well as generates a return on investment that is vastly greater than any technology project.

Some of Adelaide’s intelligent projects include: