Hands on Hutt Street - Art of the City

Hutt Street

City of Adelaide partnered with the State Government, through Arts South Australia, to produce Art of the City – Adelaide. 

This souvenir boxed set features artworks and public art from across the city and North Adelaide, inviting the community to experience the story of Adelaide and its people through its art. 

The publication honors Adelaide’s significant cultural collections and the artists that continue to make the South Australian capital one of the most liveable and creative cities in the world.

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Included in the souvenir is a little slice of Hutt Street. 

Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi in the southeastern Park Lands of the city's CBD has a long history of hosting recreational events. Once the Victoria Park Racecourse, it formed part of the street circuit of Australia's first Formula One Grand Prix from 1985 until 1995. In 1999, the street circuit was revived with the V8 Supercars race.

Plaques of handprints showcase some of the great F1 drivers who raced in Adelaide/Tarntanya, including Niki Lauda, Gerhard Berger and David Coulthard, and are featured on walls along Hutt Street.

Explore the Hands of Hutt Street yourself before this race season.

Hands on Hutt Street

Art of the City – Adelaide is now available to purchase from the Adelaide Visitor Information Centre on 25 Pirie Street.

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