Upcoming events

Notice of upcoming medium to major events 

The City of Adelaide has developed a dashboard which provides a two-month overview of upcoming events in the Adelaide Park Lands and road events.

Events shown are classed as medium or major in size and scale (events attracting 1,501+ people) and include both City of Adelaide and external events.

Please note that the information shown includes events which are at different stages of gaining approval from the City of Adelaide. The information shown, therefore, is subject to change at short notice.

How to use the dashboard

The dashboard can be viewed using any internet browser on any smart device.

The dashboard shows a map of the City of Adelaide precinct. The coloured circles indicate proposed event sites. Click on any coloured circle to find out more about the event. The information about the particular event will appear on the right-hand side of the map.

Resident and business event notification letters

Need more information?

If you have any questions about the status of events shown on this page, please contact the City of Adelaide Events team:

8203 7203