Keep Learning

Be curious and continue to discover new things. Learning new things regularly and challenging your mind will give you a sense of achievement and is an important element of purpose and confidence. 

Discover new things in the city, or in your own home or backyard. Why not learn how to grow your own food? 

Or give some of these activities a try:

  • Take a trip to the Adelaide Zoo and learn about the animals
  • Build a worm farm or compost system in your backyard
  • Learn more about how to live sustainably through the Adelaide Sustainability Centre
  • Learn how to cook something different with ingredients you’ve learned to grow
  • Expand your cultural and artistic knowledge by visiting one of the many Art Galleries of Adelaide
  • A library membership offers you the opportunity to browse and borrow from millions of resources, connect to you community, and learn many different thinks - visit our City, Hutt Street and North Adelaide Libraries and/or access the resources on our Virtual Library
  • Try learning something new at a WEA short course
  • Practice English conversation in a friendly, informal environment at Hutt Street Library

  • Get some inspiration around eating more vegetables and Try for 5


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