Wellbeing indicators

photo-icon Morgan Sette

Living in Adelaide isn't about just loving one aspect of this beautiful city, it's about the whole package and the wonderful balance of health, wellbeing, practicality and festivity that this gorgeous town not only promotes, but actively supports” Amy, resident.

When Colonel Light set out his plans for Adelaide in 1837, the term “wellbeing” probably wasn’t even a thing. But the wellbeing of the city’s residents was clearly at the front of his mind, as he cocooned the city with the expansive Adelaide Park Lands and dotted the area with community squares. This not only gave the city lungs, but gave the people open spaces and places to come together and connect.

A sense of wellbeing

A feeling of connection, and a sense of belonging are some of the key factors that influences a person’s feeling of wellbeing and happiness.

The City of Adelaide recognises the importance of residents’ feeling a community connection and sense of place, and is intent on putting its people first.

Council commitments

Council’s libraries and community centres provide opportunities for residents to connect and engage with one another. Its innovative business initiatives such as 10 Gigabit Adelaide enable local entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses giving them an optimistic outlook and sense of achievement. A range of programs and incentives ensure Adelaide’s creative and cultural scenes flourish and provide a sense of pride of place.

Recognising the traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains, the Kaurna people, the City of Adelaide has put into practice a range of reconciliation initiatives including a statement of acknowledgement which is the first item on the agenda of all Council meetings.

For older residents, a range of programs have been developed to ensure the health and wellbeing of Seniors. Initiatives range from Exercise for Seniors to much needed Help in the Home which restores the individual’s feeling of independence while keeping them connected to the community.

Designing for the future

Council will continue to monitor the success of these programs by measuring and tracking the population’s feeling of wellbeing. In turn, these results can influence Council’s decision making.

Decisions, like Colonel Light’s, which have the wellbeing of the community front of mind.