Green organics collection for residents

The 2024 recycling and waste calendars are available now. Head to our bin collection day checker to view your next bin collection dates and download your collection calendar to your device or as a printable PDF.

A great way you can reduce your carbon footprint and care for our environment is by using your green organics bin.

Organic material is much more than lawn clippings, leaves, and plant off-cuts. Did you know that all food scraps and certified compostable products can also be included in your green organics bin?

Your green organics bin is collected fortnightly by the City of Adelaide. Once collected, the contents are turned into mulch and compost for our gardens which helps create a more circular economy.

A kitchen caddy placed in your kitchen can help make it easier to collect food scraps.

The City of Adelaide provides residents with a free kitchen caddy and an ongoing supply of compostable liner bags. Find out how to get yours.

Throw it in

Cake and bread

Cheese and yoghurt

Egg shells and oyster shells

Expired and mouldy food, depackaged

Food scraps, cooked and raw

Fruit and vegetable peelings

Meat, seafood and bones

Tea bags and coffee grounds

Tea bags and coffee grounds

Flowers, cut and dried (with string and wrapping removed)

Hair and fingernails

Lawn clippings, plant prunings, leaves, weeds, twigs and branches

Pet poo (no kitty litter)

Pet waste (no kitty litter)

Certified compostable food packaging labelled as AS 4736

Egg cartons and greasy cardboard

Paper towel and tissues

Paper towel and tissues

Shredded paper

Shredded paper

Download our Green Bin Postcard (PDF 3.45MB) for your fridge.

    Leave it out

    Please remember that the following can’t go in your organics bin.

    They cause contamination which may result in the entire truck load being sent to landfill.

    NO dirt, rocks, or building materials

    NO glass

    NO nappies

    NO plastic bags or wrapping

    NO polystyrene or foam

    NO tools, hoses or plant pots

    Not sure if an item should go in the green organics bin?

    Check Which Bin to find out how to dispose of the item.

    Order a green organics bin

    Don’t have a green organics bin?

    Order your free bin online or call us on 1800 777 844.

    Don’t need a full-sized green organics bin?

    Order a 140 litre green organics bin. This is the same size as your red waste bin.

    Organics recycling process

    Organics recycling process

    Did you know?

    The 2019 bin audit found that 43 percent of the kerbside red waste bin contained compostable material, which could've been recovered if placed in the green organics bins.