Voting in the supplementary election

Your ballot papers must be received by either the Electoral Commission or City of Adelaide by 12 noon on Monday 11 May 2020.

Local Government elections provide an important opportunity for the community to make their mark on what happens in their area – whether it’s simply voting to elect representatives or even running themselves.

Voting in Council elections is a little bit different to what you might be used to with state and federal elections. The council election is voluntary, however it is an important chance to make your voice heard as its your opportunity influence the future of your local community and help shape the leadership of our city.

For City of Adelaide voters, voting papers can be posted back in the supplied reply paid envelope or placed in the ballot box at City of Adelaide, 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide.

Polls open on Tuesday 21 April, 2020 and close at 12 noon on Monday 11 May, 2020. It is therefore prudent to post it by Wednesday 6 May so as to ensure that it arrives the Electoral Commission’s Offices before the deadline. If you can’t post it by this date, you can always visit the Council’s Customer Centre at 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide, to put your ballot paper in the ballot box.

Our candidates for the position of Central Ward Councillor are:

  • Stuart Whiting
  • Wayne Chao
  • Greg Mackie
  • Gareth Lewis
  • Doha Khan
  • Nathan Paine
  • Darren Gitsham
  • Malwina Wyra

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How to vote

All voting in council elections is done by post. Enrolled voters receive a voting package through the mail and return their completed ballot paper in the reply paid envelope provided.

In addition to ballot papers, each pack includes information about the candidates standing for election.

A postal voting guide included in the package explains how to complete and return the ballot papers. Information is also available on the Electoral Commission of South Australia website.

When you post back your voting papers, the declaration must be completed and signed by the eligible voter, and remain on the envelope for the vote to be counted. This should not be removed from the envelope.

An individual can only vote once in each election, which is something to keep in mind if you own a business or multiple properties within the City of Adelaide area.

  • Residents/Individuals - It’s important to make sure the declaration is signed by the person whose name appears on the ballot pack
  • Resident/Business owner - In the instance that you qualify as both a resident and a business owner in the City of Adelaide, you should use the resident ballot and allow someone else involved in the management of the business to exercise that vote on the business’ behalf.
  • Body Corporate - In the City of Adelaide elections, an officer of a body corporate is entitled to vote on behalf of the body corporate, as opposed to a nominated person as is the case for all other Councils. An officer of a body corporate means a director, manager, secretary or public officer of the body corporate and includes any other person who takes part in the management of the affairs of the body corporate.
  • Groups - A member of that group or an officer of a body corporate that is a member of the group can vote.

Ballot papers will be delivered to the enrolled address from Tuesday 21 April 2020 up until Monday 27 April 2020.

If you do not receive your ballot papers by Friday 1 May, please contact the Electoral Commission on 1300 655 232 to arrange for ballot papers to be re-issued.

In the last week of voting ballot papers can be re-issued in person at City of Adelaide, 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide.