Creating a 'greener' city on Hutt Street

Hutt Street

The City of Adelaide is working towards becoming 'climate ready' which means being prepared for climate change.

We have installed tw structures on the corner of Halifax Street and Hutt Street, which contributes to an objective in the Draft Hutt Street Master Plan: Enhance amenity, green spaces and connection to the Park Lands.

The structures installed are a lightweight tree canopy-shaped trellis in a round planter base.

They are 3m tall, and 5m wide at the top, and have been planted with chocolate vine (Akebia quinata), which should fill each trellis over the next 2 years and provide greening and shade as part of the installation.

Its designed to create green living sculptured canopies providing cooler, more resilient and sustainable urban environments.

Untitled design

We have typically been planting approximately 300 trees each year (around 100 of these being replacement plantings) and have recently committed to spend $1M annually, on greening, especially trees, to continue these efforts.

However, planting trees can be challenging in some streets due to narrow footpaths, car parking needs, awnings and verandas, and especially underground utilities, such as water, power and sewerage, often located under verges.

To address these challenges, we are trialling a range of structures that could be used to provide greening and cooling in our city, for use in locations where trees are not possible. These include unique trellis shapes, green walls, planter boxes, arbours and green screens.

Find out more about this project and its consultation at Your Say Adelaide.