Wellington Square Footpath and Lighting Renewal

Project status – Commenced

Wellington Square / Kudnartu is one of six public squares in the City of Adelaide. The Square remains as it was originally laid out under Light's plan for Adelaide. Until 1913, palisade fencing surrounded this Square (and the other five Squares in the City) to protect lawns and flower beds from sheep and cows being driven through the City. 

Since our last community update (3/6/6) The Wellington Square project team have worked with the contractor to ensure open space is made available throughout the duration of construction.

What works are happening?

The existing lighting poles and underground cabling will be renewed to further improve electrical infrastructure following switchboard renewals in 2022/23.

Asphalt pathways will be removed followed by improvements to the footpath base and adjustments to allow tree growth and reduce damage from root growth. New asphalt paths will be relayed in the same locations and to the same widths as the existing paths. New timber edging along path edges will be a significant improvement to the amenity of Wellington Square.

Why are works happening?

Renewal works have been identified to enhance lighting and improve the asphalt pathways throughout the Square to ensure this valuable site continues to provide residents with a safe and beautiful location to relax and walk through.

How will the works be staged

Works will be divided into two stages to maintain access through the Square and to enable continued use of green space.

Stage 1 construction will focus on the southern section and leave approximately 50% of the Square open to the public. All access points into the Square will remain open.

Stage 2 will focus on the northern section maintaining access to 70% of the Square. Access to the Square will be available from the southern end adjacent Jeffcott Street and east-west adjacent Tynte Street and Molesworth Street.

Work Zones

Stage 1   

Stage 2

What is the timeframe for construction?

Site fencing already located on site will be amended over the coming days to reflect the above staging.

Timeframes are indicative but it’s anticipated that Stage 1 will take up to 5 weeks followed by Stage 2 over 4 weeks.

How will I be impacted

Access points into the Square will remain open from east, west and southern sides of the Square.

There will be machinery and workers on site. There may be some noise when new asphalt is laid but all measures will be in place to minimise the impact to nearby residents and businesses.

Updated signage will be placed on site fencing with a QR code which will link to the City of Adelaide website providing real time project updates.

The work site will be monitored for safety and security through the construction period. 

The AEDs will be unavailable – nearest AEDs are at North Adelaide Library and Community Centre at 176 Tynte Street.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

Contact Project Manager, Infrastructure Delivery, Nataleigh Mottau, for enquiries: