Reuse and Recycle Hubs

City of Adelaide residents can now get rid of hard-to-recycle items through the Reuse and Recycle Hubs at our Customer CentreCity LibraryNorth Adelaide Library and Minor Works Building Community Centre.

Designed in collaboration with UniSA students and built with recycled materials, the Hubs are a response to our community wanting more ways to divert waste from landfill.

Items placed in the Hubs will be reused and recycled to support animal conservation efforts, provide eyeglasses and wheelchairs for people in need and more. Small electrical waste items will help to create work for supported employees right here in South Australia.

Items we can reuse or recycle

Select a waste type to see what you can drop in the Hubs and where it will go.

*Please note that fluorescent tubes can only be accepted at the Customer Centre and City Library

fluorescent tubes
blister packs
e-waste, cords and chargers
eye glasses
mobile phones and tablets
printer cartridges
light globes
plastic bread tags

Please note items must not be left near or next to the Hubs.

If your items don't fit try these options:

Find a Reuse and Recycle Hub

City of Adelaide Customer Centre

25 Pirie Street, Adelaide

City Library

Third floor, Rundle Place, Adelaide

Enter via Francis Street, off Rundle Mall or Da Costa Arcade

North Adelaide Library

176 Tynte Street, North Adelaide

Minor Works Building Community Centre

22 Stamford Court, Adelaide

      Your questions answered

      The items put in our yellow recycling bins go to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) where they’re sorted by people and machines.

      Some items can’t go in the yellow bin because they:

      • can start fires inside the collection vehicles – eg lithium batteries
      • contaminate the streams for acceptable items – eg glass from a light globe is different to glass used for food jars and drink containers
      • are too small – MRF machines can’t recycle anything smaller than a credit card
      • can harm MRF staff – eg broken fluorescent tubes.

      Our research shows these items have transparent reuse or recycling options. The Hubs are designed in a modular system that means we can expand them as more items become reusable and recyclable.

      We will be measuring the number of materials received and seeing and reporting on which streams are most used.

      Need more information?

      If you have any questions, please contact our Sustainability team: