Parking in the city

If you're driving into the city, Adelaide offers both short and long-term parking options to suit your needs.

There are special arrangements for motorcycle parking and those with a disability. Read on to discover which option suits you best.

Timed on-Street parking spaces are intended to provide short-term timed parking. This ensures vehicle turnover and an opportunity for all drivers to locate a parking space. There are various on-street parking options available, including approximately:

  • 9,300 free time limit spaces
  • 3,000 paid ticket parking spaces

Note that new parking meters only accept payments using Visa or Mastercard. See more about this in Cashless Payment Options below.

You can view where parking time limits and controls are within the City of Adelaide by using our interactive parking map.

Tip: Parking conditions and time limits change frequently. Please check all signage to ensure up-to-date information, prior to leaving your vehicle.

The City of Adelaide owns and operates the UPark off-street car parks. With nine locations throughout the city and approximately 6,000 car parking spaces, you’re bound to find a convenient parking space. And when you park, your money stays local and goes back into the community.

Some UPark outlets are open 24/7, while others offer discounts for “early-bird” parking. Look for special deals for event parking and footy season passes.

You can also register for discounted parking with UPark Plus. This is a touch-free swipe card that gives you cheaper parking at all UPark car parks across the city. Simple swipe your card to enter and exit the car park. Register now for UPark Plus.

Search and book a UPark carpark now.

The City of Adelaide has installed smart parking sensors in various locations across Adelaide. By downloading the Park Adelaide smartphone app, you can check real-time availability by location, then once parked, pay for your parking via your mobile device. The app will then send you a reminder notification when your time is due to expire, and even allow you to extend it for a fee.

Learn more about the Park Adelaide app.

If you have a temporary or permanent Disability Parking Permit (issued from the State Government Services SA) there are several parking options available:

  • designated accessible parking spaces
  • extra time in time-limited spaces
  • ticketed spaces, where special arrangements apply.

Learn more about accessible parking options.

Motorcycles (including motor scooters) provide efficient and convenient travel, particularly in the city. The City of Adelaide has created dedicated motorcycle parking areas. These include limited free on-street parking, dedicated areas for free parking on footpaths, and paid motorcycle parking areas with UPark carparks.

Learn more about motorcycle parking options.

If you are visiting the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) there are various convenient parking options available on-site and nearby.

On-site parking

The RAH as approximately 2,300 car spaces on-site. In addition, there are several short-term 15-minute patient pick-up and drop-off areas located on levels 2 and 3 of the carpark. 50 accessible spaces for people who hold a Disability Parking Permit are available across all levels and are located close to main entrances and lift lobbies.

Parking nearby

The City of Adelaide currently has several convenient paid on-street and private car parking facilities within the immediate vicinity (see the map below). Please remember to check the signage before leaving your vehicle as parking conditions are subject to change.

An image map showing parking nearby Royal Adelaide Hospital

Find out more about Royal Adelaide Hospital parking options.

On-street parking in City of Adelaide is now cashless. 

Cashless payments are now the main payments methods. Many providers including Councils are moving towards card only payment options. Our on-street ticket machines no longer accept coins. Payment can be made via Visa or Mastercard and debit cards are also accepted. Please note that transaction fees are not passed on for these purchases.

If you do not have a credit or debit card and still need to park on-street, prepaid cards can be a purchased with the required funds pre-loaded (e.g. Australia Post Everyday Mastercard).

Cash is still accepted at all UPark locations

Parking FAQs

While every situation is different, the following answers the most commonly asked questions about parking in the city.

When parking within Adelaide city and North Adelaide on locally-recognised public holidays you can use time-limited on-street parking bays (paid or unpaid) that are signposted MON to FRI free of charge and without a time limit.

It is still your responsibility to ensure that parking signs are read and understood prior to leaving your vehicle.

Please note some parking restrictions do apply - see below

Restrictions still apply on locally-recognised public holidays to all other parking controls.

These include:

  • continuous yellow edge lines
  • stopping within 10 metres from the nearest point of an intersecting road
  • No Stopping Zones
  • No Parking Zones
  • Loading Zones
  • Bus Zones
  • Taxi Zones
  • Permit Zones
  • Any sign that indicates:
    • At All Times
    • Any Day
    • At Other Times

For further clarification on parking regulations, please refer to the Australian Road Rules.

Time limit areas refers to parking controls such as 1 hour parking. (1P).

Yes, event parking restrictions still apply during the specific date and times indicated even if it falls on a public holiday.

Refer to our Adelaide Oval event information page.

A parking expiation notice can be handed to you, secured under your vehicle's windscreen wiper blade or sent in the mail.

Did you know?

The City of Adelaide has a revolutionary parking system - through its Park Adelaide smartphone app you can find areas of vacant spaces, pay via your mobile device when you park, then receive a reminder notification 15 minutes before the time expires. You can even pay to increase the time!

Learn more about Park Adelaide app