The Adelaide Park Lands

The expansive Adelaide Park Lands are the city’s crowning glory. Part of Colonel Light’s vision to design a city that enriched its people’s wellbeing and quality of life, the Park Lands embrace the city in a leafy figure of eight. They are the city’s lungs, backyard, playground, meeting space and more.

National Heritage

Colonel Light’s unique design created the world’s first, and only planned city in a park. The Adelaide Park Lands and City Layout is considered a masterwork of urban design and is one of the most complete examples of nineteenth-century colonial planning. These are just some of the reasons why the Adelaide Park Lands and City Layout were included on the National Heritage List in 2008, the nation’s highest heritage honour.

Park Lands management

The State Government passed the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005 (SA) in 2005 to define the Park Lands, establish the Adelaide Park Lands Authority and ensure a management strategy

The City of Adelaide manages approximately 80 per cent of the Park Lands, with the remaining 20 per cent (which includes the Botanic Garden and Botanic Park) managed by the South Australian Government. They are advised by the Kadaltilla / Park Lands Authority (Kadaltilla). Learn more about the management of the Adelaide Park Lands.

A place for everyone

Covering over 760 hectares, the Adelaide Park Lands are Australia’s biggest backyard. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy healthy and balanced living through sport and exercise, recreation and relaxation. There are 29 parks and 6 city squares all with a variety of different features and facilities.

The Park Lands are home to many public events, including major events such as WOMADelaide and the annual Adelaide Fringe Festival. They are also a popular choice as a wedding venue. There’s even designated dog parks, so your furry friends can enjoy the Park Lands too. You’ll find picnic and barbecue areas, cycling and walking trails, free courts and fitness facilities and a plethora of playspaces for the young, and young at heart.

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