Our portfolios & programs

The City of Adelaide’s vision is to become the most liveable city in the world. We do this through the rollout of new projects, initiatives and infrastructure, with the wellbeing of the community at the forefront of our decision making.

Our Executive Leadership Team, which includes our CEO and three Directors, is responsible for leading and developing a diverse of range of teams, functions and services which enable the successful delivery of the City of Adelaide Strategic Plan.

Organisational chart

The City of Adelaide Organisational Chart shows the Leadership Team responsible for leading our Portfolios, Programs, and the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA) subsidiaries.

Read on for descriptions of the Portfolios and subsidiaries.

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City Services

The City Services Portfolio delivers essential local government services for our community, making it easier to conduct business in our City, and providing a safe and attractive urban environment.

The Portfolio is made up of three program areas; Infrastructure, City Operations, and Strategic Property & Commercial.

City Shaping

The City Shaping Portfolio leverages and celebrates our role as a Capital City Council and delivers the services that lead, shape and enable a creative, dynamic, resilient and diverse city both now and into the future.

The Portfolio is made up of three program areas; Regulatory Services, City Culture, and Park Lands, Policy & Sustainability.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Portfolio provides effective and efficient services and insights to strengthen and grow our organisational capability, and support a culture of accountability, transparency, and innovation.

The Portfolio is made up of six corporate teams; Strategy, Insights & Performance, Information Management, Governance, People, Finance & Procurement and Customer & Marketing.

Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA)

The role of Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA), a City of Adelaide (CoA) subsidiary, is to accelerate economic growth in the CoA by attracting investment and supporting businesses, growing the visitor economy, supporting residential growth, growing an annual events calendar and marketing the city as a whole. The AEDA will have responsibility for driving the recovery and reinvigoration of the City of Adelaide economy.

AEDA includes a Rundle Mall team, as well as Visitor Economy, Business & Investment, Marketing and Digital Strategy functions.

Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA)

The Adelaide Central Market has been an icon in the city for over 150 years and it is a key component of the City of Adelaide’s strategic vision for a vibrant economically prosperous city. It is supported by the Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA), which was established to build a solid and sustainable foundation for the Adelaide Central Market’s future.

Overseen by a six-member Board, the market’s mission is “To operate sustainably and successfully as a group of prosperous traders, Board and management team that provides a diverse and exciting cultural shopping experience that enhances our precinct, city and state”. ACMA is managed by a General Manager and a team of marketing and administrative specialists.

Kadaltilla / Adelaide Park Lands Authority (Kadaltilla)

The Adelaide Park Lands are the crowning glory in Colonel William Light's design of the city of Adelaide - 900 hectares of Park Lands that hug the city and weave through the residential areas like a leafy figure of eight, creating the world's only city in a park. They are a place where residents and visitors alike go for recreation, relaxation and socialising, contributing to the health and wellbeing of those who use them.

The Adelaide Park Lands Authority (APLA) was established by the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005 (SA) as a subsidiary of the City of Adelaide under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1999 (SA). The inaugural meeting of APLA was held on 7 February 2007 and its first full financial year of operation occurred during 2007–08. In October 2021, the Minister approved a change to the APLA Charter so that it would be branded as the Kadaltilla / Adelaide Park Lands Authority (Kadaltilla).

Kadaltilla advises both Council, who manages 80 per cent of the Park Lands, and the State Government, who manage the remaining 20 per cent, on the protection, management, enhancement and promotion of the Adelaide Park Lands.