Our portfolios & programs

Led by a CEO and three Directors, the City of Adelaide will create a smart, green, liveable and creative city.

We will achieve this by working collaboratively and trying new and innovative things.

Our organisational structure will facilitate this, and the delivery of Council’s City of Adelaide 2016–2020 StrategicPlan. Directors are responsible for leading their portfolio of aligned functions and programs as well as leading one of the four strategic outcomes of the Council.


The Culture portfolio adds the human touch to the Council. From helping to plan and create a liveable city - one that is safe, accessible and inclusive for people of all ages and all walks of life, to managing engaging, open and helpful customer activities and interactions.

Building on our rich culture and heritage of an inclusive and connected city, the wellbeing of city residents and users is their focus.

Programs in this portfolio include:

  • Community & Culture
  • Customer & People
  • Finance & Procurement
  • Information Management.


The Growth portfolio are the city’s promoters. They make a significant contribution to growing the number of people who live, work and play in the city as they build a city for the future.

They are also responsible for economic development, innovation and tourism, and ensuring city businesses can make the most out of these opportunities. They promote the growth opportunities in Adelaide on the local, national and international stage. While city growth is important, it is critical this occurs sustainably and without negatively impacting the quality of life, so this portfolio has the responsibility for leading Council’s sustainability agenda.

Programs in this portfolio include:

  • Economic Development & Innovation
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Property & Commercial
  • Sustainability.


The Operations portfolio teams are the achievers. They are responsible for creating and maintaining a great physical environment for the city and the surrounding Park Lands.

They contribute to the quality of life of city residents and users - from the design, plan and construction of the physical assets and environment of Adelaide, to the continual cleaning and maintenance of the environment.

Programs in this portfolio include:

  • Planning, Design & Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Realm

Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA)

The Adelaide Central Market has been an icon in the city for 150 years and it is a key component of the City of Adelaide’s strategic vision for a vibrant economically prosperous city. It is supported by the Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA), which was established to build a solid and sustainable foundation for the Adelaide Central Market’s future.

Overseen by a six-member Board, the market’s mission is “To operate sustainably and successfully as a group of prosperous traders, Board and management team that provides a diverse and exciting cultural shopping experience that enhances our precinct, city and state”. ACMA is managed by a General Manager and a team of marketing and administrative specialists.

Rundle Mall Management Authority (RMMA)

Rundle Mall is the premier shopping destination and meeting place in Adelaide. With over 400,000 customers every week and 24 million visitors annually, Rundle Mall is the most popular attraction in the state of South Australia.

The Rundle Mall Management Authority (RMMA) is a subsidiary of City of Adelaide (CoA) and is governed by a Board of Directors. It is a proactive strategic management group driven by the private business sector in order to enhance the City of Adelaide, and meet the challenges facing Rundle Mall in a competitive retail and commercial marketplace.