Our portfolios & programs

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The City of Adelaide’s vision is to become the most liveable city in the world. We do this through the rollout of new projects, initiatives and infrastructure, with the wellbeing of the community at the forefront of our decision making.

Our Executive Leadership Team, which includes our CEO and three Directors, is responsible for leading and developing a diverse of range of teams, functions and services which enable the successful delivery of the City of Adelaide Strategic Plan.

Organisational chart

The City of Adelaide Organisational Chart shows the CEO, Directors of our three portfolios and Associate Directors of each program, as well as the General Managers of Council subsidiaries. Read on for descriptions of the portfolios and two subsidiaries. 

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Place portfolio

The Place Portfolio, is responsible for creating a city that is thoughtfully and purposefully designed, planned and developed in a sustainable manner, while respecting the City’s unique heritage.

The Portfolio, made up of program areas of Planning, Design and Development, Infrastructure and Public Realm, influences how we utilise innovative technology to plan, design, construct and maintain the great physical assets and environment of the city, North Adelaide and the surrounding beautiful Park Lands.

Culture portfolio

The Culture Portfolio is focused on creating an experience that is authentically Adelaide and which builds on our rich inclusive and welcoming culture, ably supported by an efficient and effective corporate services team.

The Portfolio is made up of the externally facing programs Community and Culture, Customer and People, and internally facing programs Strategic Finance and Performance and Information Management. The Portfolios work enables our communities to thrive, and creates brilliant experiences for our customers, be they residents, visitors, city users or our own people.

Growth portfolio

The Growth Portfolio strives to increase the number of people who choose to live, work and play in the city, through creating and enabling an innovative businesses ecosystem.

The Portfolio, made up of program areas of Economic Development and Sustainability, Marketing and Communications, Property and Commercial, Sustainability, the Adelaide Central Market Authority and Rundle Mall Management Authority, is responsible for the efficient and sustainable operation of Council run businesses. In addition, it supports new revenue generating opportunities. while keeping the subtle balance of commerce, nature and community wellbeing.

The Portfolio’s diverse policy and programs may be delivered at a local, national and international level.

Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA)

The Adelaide Central Market has been an icon in the city for over 150 years and it is a key component of the City of Adelaide’s strategic vision for a vibrant economically prosperous city. It is supported by the Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA), which was established to build a solid and sustainable foundation for the Adelaide Central Market’s future.

Overseen by a six-member Board, the market’s mission is “To operate sustainably and successfully as a group of prosperous traders, Board and management team that provides a diverse and exciting cultural shopping experience that enhances our precinct, city and state”. ACMA is managed by a General Manager and a team of marketing and administrative specialists.

Rundle Mall Management Authority (RMMA)

Rundle Mall is the premier shopping destination and meeting place in Adelaide. With over 400,000 customers every week and 24 million visitors annually, Rundle Mall is the most popular attraction in the state of South Australia.

The Rundle Mall Management Authority (RMMA) is a subsidiary of City of Adelaide (CoA) and is governed by a Board of Directors. It is a proactive strategic management group driven by the private business sector in order to enhance the city, and meet the challenges facing Rundle Mall in a competitive retail and commercial marketplace.