Collections in the city

The City of Adelaide understands the value of fundraising in the community.

Not-for-profit organisations and groups wanting to collect donations and raise public awareness within the city and North Adelaide can do so using either a badge day or collection of monies permit.

Which permit should I apply for?

Charities that are licensed to collect under the Collections for Charitable Purposes Act 1939 and that are registered with Consumer and Business Services can apply for a badge day permit.

This permit allows up to two people in approved locations throughout the city and North Adelaide to sell badges and collecting donations. A badge day can be a once-off event or held annually.

Examples of annual badge days are:

  • Legacy Badge Day (held the first Friday in September)
  • Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day (held the last Friday in August)

When can we hold a badge day?

Fridays are the designated days that charities are permitted to conduct their badge day. Should a public holiday fall on a Friday, the badge bay will be held on the last working day prior to the public holiday.

Please note: Only one charity is permitted to collect on a designated Friday and, with many annual badge days already locked in, new applicants should speak with us to discuss available dates.

Not-for-profit groups without a Consumer and Business Services registration can apply for a permit to collect monies, pledges and goods (including the sale of raffle tickets). This permit allows up to two people in an approved location for a maximum period of three hours.

When can I collect?

Wednesdays are the designated days that eligible groups can collect monies, pledges or goods on street.

Where can I collect?

Various public areas within the city and North Adelaide can be used for the collection of monies and pledges.  Applications are approved on a case-by-case basis. 

Please note the following locations are not covered under a City of Adelaide permit as they fall within the jurisdiction of other authorities:


The On-Street Activities Operating Guidelines detail the principles and conditions for fundraising and collections in the City. 


Permit costs for these On-street activities can be found in Council's fees and charges schedule.

Fees are based on the area used for your activity. 

Use our permit fee calculator to estimate your fees before applying. (Please note that 1 person = 2 square metres)

Badge Day Collection of Money

Fee calculator


Activity typeActivityFee
Business activation12 people collecting funds on behalf of a charitable or not for profit organisation for 1 day$40.80
Community activation12 people collecting funds on behalf of a charitable or not for profit organisation for 1 day$14.40

Ready to apply?

Applications for an On-street activity permit can be made easily online. Before you start, have the following handy as you’ll need to submit:

  • proof of your Charities registration with Revenue SA or proof your organisation is a not-for-profit or limited by guarantee organisation
  • a clear explanation of your activity and the purpose for which you are collecting money, pledges or goods
  • a Certificate of Currency of your Public Indemnity Insurance (minimum of $20 million that also notes City of Adelaide as an interested party)
  • if collecting on behalf of a charity, please provide written confirmation from the registered charity.

Please note: permits will not be approved in the week leading up to Anzac Day and Remembrance Day unless the activity is directly associated with these events.

Apply for an On-street activity permit

Need more information?

If you have any questions regarding On-street activities permits, please contact us: