Ball games for family and friends

Who needs a big backyard when there are over 65 courts in the Adelaide Park Lands? Just bring a tennis ball, basketball or netball to have a free game – serious or silly.

You don’t need to be up to Serena’s standards to play. Here are the best ways to make use of the spaces and have a ball.

Something less serious

Incorporate animals and arcade games into trip to the courts. Quick games with simple rules are the perfect way to get everyone involved and energetic.

Hungry crocodiles

1+ players, tennis balls and rackets

Practice your shots or get snapped up. The players are served the ball at random and they volley it back. If they player misses the ball, they ‘lose their hand’ to the hungry crocodiles and they must continue the game without using it. Each time a ball is missed, another limb is lost in this order - non-hitting hand, left leg, right leg. After the third miss - they’re out.

Musical spheres

2+ players, netballs or basketballs

Like musical chairs but with balls. Each player needs a ball and the balls are placed in the centre of the court. Players walk around the edge of the court while music plays. When the music stops, they must run to grab a ball and start shooting for the hoop. The last player to shoot a hoop is out. Continue until there is one winner.


3+ players

Players chase one another around the court but there’s a catch – you can only run on the lines. One player is ‘it’ and the other players must outrun them. Once a player is caught, they must sit down on the line where they were caught and block the path. Any remaining players must find another way around without being caught.

Social sport

If you’re keen on playing an occasional quick match with mates, the Adelaide Park Lands has some truly idyllic spots for social sport.

Sunny square - The half court in Whitmore Square / Iparrtyi is a beautifully green location for a quick game and best of all you can hire a basketball for free one block away at the Minor Works Building community centre – they may even be able to help you find some players!

Green bustling surrounds - The Peltzer Park / Pityarilla hub located in the south Park Lands is a popular spot for social basketball or tennis thanks to the surrounding parks, bbqs and night-time lighting on the half court.

Hub with it all – The Mary Lee Park has everything to keep you active and involved in the north Park Lands. In addition to a basketball court and tennis court there’s skate space, bocce area, playspace and if you’re feeling earthy, there’s a community garden nearby.

Tennis experts – If you prefer a more guided approach to a social game, the Memorial Drive Tennis Club run mixed doubles twice a week. You must be a member of the club to play.

Get competitive

Are you channelling Lleyton Hewitt? Challenge yourself and join a local sporting club to take the first step into a more serious pursuit of a sport.

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