Free Public Wi-Fi 2.0

History of free Wi-Fi in Adelaide

The City of Adelaide has a long history with providing free Wi-Fi services to members of the public. Almost 15 years ago, the first Free Wi-Fi service was launched under the name of CityLan.

Some 10 years later, this network was expanded with an additional 200 access points added as part of a partnership agreement with the State Government and Internode.

Free Wi-Fi plans in 2020

Now, in 2020, the City is again ramping up to provide a new and further improved Public Wi-Fi. 

As with any technology, Wi-Fi equipment has improved significantly over the past 5 years since the existing service was installed. We plan to install the latest technology, and leverage Council’s investment in the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network, using this Australian-first fibre network to backhaul the Wi-Fi.

This is an exciting initiative that will benefit the general community, and several specific groups including tourists and visitors to our city, overseas students, people experiencing homelessness, residents on low incomes, or people living in affordable or supported housing.