Noise reduction resources

Unwanted noise can come from a range of external sources and activities. The following information acts as a support and reference point for existing and future city residents, developers, architects and designers.

Noise assessment tool

The Noise Ready Reckoner is a tool designed to assist residents, potential residents and designers to assess indoor noise exposure to different sources of city noise. The first of its type in Australia, it also assists in determining if existing noise proofing systems are adequate.

The Noise Ready Reckoner measures three types of noise; traffic noise, anti-social intermittent noise and aircraft noise in (particularly relevant in North Adelaide). An advantage of the Reckoner is that it can also be used to manipulate sound proofing options to see differences in expected noise levels, however the Reckoner does not cover noise generated by music. 

Use the Noise Ready Reckoner

The Adelaide (City) Development Plan

The Adelaide (City) Development Plan seeks to minimise noise conflict by:

  • defining allowable noise emissions from new developments that generate noise
  • prescribing appropriate requirements for ancillary activities associated with the development such as operating hours, mechanical plant, removal of rubbish and the use of related car parks
  • setting out noise attenuation measures required for noise sensitive development (ie residential, health care aged care and education) to achieve several different noise criteria such as sleep disturbance criteria, internal design sound level criteria and music criteria
  • ensuring noise levels generated within new developments are acceptable and maintain the amenity of those living within the city
  • providing guidelines on maximum allowable music noise levels from an entertainment premise.

Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants

The Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) have developed an acoustical star rating system for apartment blocks and townhouses to promote better standards of noise attenuation. This rating system guide has been prepared principally by and for AAAC members, but it is anticipated that it will also be of use to others involved in the design, development and purchase of apartments/townhouses.

Noise related technical fact sheets and guides