Visitor parking permits

Visitor parking permits allow residents of the City of Adelaide additional parking allowances for themselves or their guests when parking on-street.


If you are a resident living in the CBD or North Adelaide and your property is located in the highlighted area of the below maps, you are eligible.

Please note, the additional parking allowance is to be used within the numbered area that corresponds with your property location. Also, the red lines on the map indicate areas that are not valid for parking whereas the green indicates shared streets between zone numbers.


The cost is $45.20 for a book of 25 vouchers with a maximum of two booklets purchased at any one time. This works out to $1.80 per voucher.

How to use them

  1. Fill in the required details, using a pen or marker.
  2. Tear the voucher from the booklet and place it on the passenger side of the vehicle.
    1. We recommend checking the voucher from the outside of your vehicle once you have closed the door, to ensure all details are clearly visible.
  3. Throw the voucher in your recycling bin after use.

Each property is dedicated a numbered area, as shown on the previous maps. You can park anywhere within your area, providing you follow the conditions of use outlined below.

There are two ways in which visitor parking booklets can be utilised:

  • All residents and their visitors can gain an additional two hours in timed ticketed or non-ticketed on-street parking spaces. Please refer to this document for our conditions of use.
  • Residents and their visitors who hold a disability parking permit can use residential permit zones for two hours in the absence of suitable parking.

Accessible Disability Parking Booklet

With the objective of providing additional opportunity for people with a disability permit to find suitable parking within the City of Adelaide, Council enables residents and their visitors to utilise residential permit zones, under certain circumstances.

Residents will be able to purchase Visitor Booklets under the existing Visitor Booklet Scheme, and issue the Visitor Permits to holders of valid Disability Permits. Any vehicle displaying both a valid Visitor Permit and valid Disability Permit will be allowed to park in a Residential Permit Zone for a period of 2 hours.

In addition, residents who are not eligible for a Residential Parking Permit, however do hold a valid Disability Permit, will be able to purchase existing Visitor Permit Booklets and use the one-off permits for their own vehicle when displaying a Disability Permit.

Conditions of use. 

How to apply

Call the Customer Centre on 8203 7203, visit the Customer Centre at 25 Pirie Street, or apply online