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Resignation of Councillor Greg Mackie OAM

Councillor Greg Mackie OAM has announced his resignation as a City of Adelaide Councillor effective 14 June 2022.

A supplementary election will not be held and therefore the City of Adelaide will have a casual vacancy until the periodic election is held in November 2022.

City of Adelaide thanks Councillor Mackie for his contributions and for representing his community.

The City of Adelaide is represented by 12 Members - the Lord Mayor and 11 Councillors.

The Lord Mayor and Councillors are elected for a four-year term by voters across the City of Adelaide.

Sandy Verschoor is the third female to be elected Lord Mayor in the city’s 178-year history.

Your Council by Ward

In the City of Adelaide there are five different elections over three wards, with a total of twelve positions. 

View the City of Adelaide ward boundaries in a map

Lord Mayor

Sandy Verschoor

Area Councillor

Anne Moran

Arman Abrahimzadeh OAM (Deputy Lord Mayor)

Franz Knoll

Keiran Snape

North Ward Councillor

Phillip Martin

Mary Couros

Central Ward Councillor

Simon Hou

Jessy Khera

South Ward Councillor

Dr Helen Donovan

Alexander Hyde

Map electoral structure ward boundaries

Contact information

All Councillors have offices located at 25 Pirie Street. You can write to the Councillors:

C/o City of Adelaide
GPO Box 2252
Adelaide SA 5001

Please note, specific protocol applies when dealing with the Lord Mayor.

Need more information?

Enquiries can also be responded to by the Council Liaison Officer:

8203 7203 (Council Customer Centre)

8203 7575