Business plan and budget

The business plan and budget is the key annual operational and financial planning document of the City of Adelaide. It describes what services and projects we plan to provide in the upcoming financial year and how we propose to allocate our budget.

2021 – 2022 Business Plan and Budget – Investing in City Recovery

Council adopted the 2021 – 2022 Business Plan and Budget at a Special Council meeting on the 29 June 2021. The document outlines Councils deliverables throughout the financial year, with a strong focus on supporting our City and the people we serve to grow and recover from COVID-19. 

Our budgeted expenditure of $269.6 million focuses on the prioritisation of community and civic services that deliver a broad range of valued services to our community. These services bring our strategic plan to life, ensure we deliver on essential community needs, fulfil our duties as a capital city council and enable our organisation to thrive.

Within the document, each service spread includes detailed financial information, alignment to the 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan Key Actions, operational activities, strategic projects and capital projects.

Council is committed to ensuring future opportunities are continued to be explored through further operational efficiencies, maximising revenue opportunities and growth of revenue streams. This commitment will support a balanced budget being delivered in 2021 – 2022 and improve the operating position and financial sustainability of Council.

For 2021 – 2022 Council has determined to freeze the rate in the dollar for the eighth consecutive year and to increase Fees and Charges by CPI.

We will continue to provide targeted support to businesses, ratepayers and communities, including our City Stimulus Business Support program which so far has committed over $7 million worth of investment and support.

Asset and Infrastructure expenditure, including on renewals, has been prioritised on condition, risk and readiness to deliver. There is also expenditure allocated to new assets and the upgrade of existing assets.

Our services, projects and infrastructure works are predominantly funded through rates, fees and charges, and grants and subsidies.

Funding pathway expenditure

Key downloads

You can view a hard copy of the Business Plan and Budget at Council’s Customer Service Centre (25 Pirie Street, Adelaide), libraries and community centres.

Recovery Priorities – our commitments for the year ahead

We know that we cannot do everything in one year. Instead we have set ourselves some key priorities to move along a trajectory of recovery.

The 2021 – 2022 Business Plan and Budget includes new priorities and actions that focus on delivering Council’s 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan.

  • Develop a suite of opportunities for the community and city users to connect, play, exercise, and learn in the Park Lands with particular focus on Wellbeing Month, implementing the Healthy Parks, Healthy People strategy and promotion of the Adelaide Park Lands trail.
  • Implement a new permit fee model to support business growth and to make it easier to do business with Council.
  • Finalise the Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) and associated principles and levers available to Council to inform future Customer and Technical Levels of Service for all Asset Classes.
  • Develop and deliver curated programs that attract people to the city through cultural, physical, social, and environmental experiences.
  • Deliver cultural strategic partnerships, performances, exhibitions, festivals and events, residencies and community driven programming across our venues and throughout the city.
  • Maximise funding opportunities through partnership proposals as part of our Australian and State Government budget submissions and election advocacy.
  • Explore opportunities within the City of Adelaide’s property portfolio, including the consideration of opportunities for the sale of underperforming assets as well as leveraging existing assets for City shaping initiatives, to support greater public value for ratepayers and the community.
  • Prioritise activities to recover Council’s commercial businesses/revenue to pre-COVID levels. Diversify revenue through the investigation, identification and implementation of new or modified business services including a review of the property portfolio to increase revenue and property values in accordance with fair value market approach.
  • Work with our Council Members to reinvigorate our engagement strategy and our approach to engaging our community in Council decision making.


The City of Adelaide consulted on the Draft Business Plan and Budget (BP&B), the Draft Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) and the Draft Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) for nine weeks, starting on the 28 March 2021 and closing at 9am 31 May 2021.

A single online portal was built for the community to have easy access to these documents and to provide a single point of contact for the consultation undertaken.

At the close of the 9 weeks of consultation 360 responses were received via surveys, quick polls or written submissions. There were over 2,700 unique visitors to the webpage and over 1,500 document downloads.

View our consultation summary report for Stages 1 and 2.

Consulted on from 28 March to 9:00 am 19 April 2021. The Draft Rating Policy consultation provided ratepayers an opportunity to have their say on the four proposed changes that Council adopted in February 2021. These included a discount for upfront payment of rates, changes to vacant land rating, and concessions.

Consulted on from 16 April to 9:00 am 10 May 2021. The BP&B consultation focused on recovery and growth and included the presentation of a balanced budget. Our community were given an opportunity to have their say on proposed recovery priorities, projects, and services. The budget proposed was provided in alignment with our Service Categories and for the first time, incorporated full costs for each service – including proposed resources, operating activities, strategic projects and infrastructure expenditure.

In regards to our Business Plan and Budget survey responses (46), during consultation we heard that:

  • 20% of respondents supported all of the Recovery Priorities and Actions. A further 76% supported some of them
  • 30% of respondents supported all of the Major Projects, and 59% supported some of them
  • 33% of respondents all of the Strategic Projects. A further 61% supported some of them
  • 58% of respondents were satisfied overall with Council’s service delivery
  • The services most likely to meet or exceed expectations are: Arts, Culture and Events: Library Services: Park Lands and Open Space: and Sports and Recreation

52% of respondents chose investing in new revenue streams as the preferred option for achieving the then $4.75m target to balance the budget

Consulted on from 16 April to 9:00 am 31 May 2021. This was the first time that the City of Adelaide had developed a standalone LTFP and a SAMP. As such, the consultation that was undertaken concurrently with the Draft Business Plan and Budget consultation, to provide a connection between our annual planning documents to our longer-term strategic management plans. The LTFP and SAMP consultation were combined to demonstrate the inherent connection between the SAMP and its influence on the assumptions that make up our LTFP. Our community were asked to provide their feedback on these long-term planning documents and were provided Draft copies, alongside fact sheets which broke down key components. We sought input from the community on components such as the SAMP Strategic Actions, to the financial assumptions in the LTFP.

Legislative and strategic context

Under the Local Government Act 1999 Council must develop and adopt ‘strategic management plans’ which identify the Council’s objectives, how a Council intends to achieve its objectives, how they fit with the objectives of other levels of government, performance measures and estimates of revenue and expense. Our Plan has also been prepared considering the challenges and opportunities arising from COVID-19.

The City of Adelaide is also guided by our suite of Strategic Management Plans:

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