Business plan and budget

The business plan and budget is the key annual operational and financial planning document of the City of Adelaide. It describes what services and projects we plan to provide in the upcoming financial year and how we propose to allocate our budget.

2022 – 2023 Business Plan and Budget – Future Proofing Our City


In 2022/23 we will continue to focus on responsible financial management without any impact to services, maintain our range of quality services and facilities to deliver good outcomes for our community, and commit to ‘future proofing’ and continued support of COVID-19 recovery, underpinned by our Strategic Plan.

We have invested more than $20m in support programs to reignite our city, directly assisting businesses across the CBD and North Adelaide and creating compelling reasons for people to return to our streets, offices, venues and park lands.

Our budgeted expenditure for 2022/23 is $313.4m across operating and capital budgets. The budget includes strategic projects, services and activities that support the city’s cultural and economic development, and capital projects that maintain and upgrade infrastructure within the city and Park Lands. Asset and Infrastructure expenditure, including on renewals, has been prioritised on condition, risk and readiness to deliver. There is also expenditure allocated to new assets and the upgrade of existing assets.

Our services, projects and infrastructure works are predominantly funded through rates, fees and charges, and grants and subsidies.

To further our commitment to robust financial management, transparent decision making and effective service delivery, we continue to review and improve services and have included within the BP&B a further budget offset of $4.8m.

The BP&B has an operating surplus position of $0.087m, with total borrowings of $39.8m, at the end of 2022/23. We are delivering all of this, while having frozen the rate in the dollar for the ninth consecutive year and freezing fees and charges for the benefit of our ratepayers and city users.

Funding pathway expenditure 2022/23

Strategic Priorities – Our commitments for the year ahead

The 2022 – 2023 Business Plan and Budget includes new strategic annual priorities that focus on delivering Council’s 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan.

  • Deliver the next generation Adelaide Free Wi-Fi network to support and improve digital access and connectedness to our community
  • Develop a policy position on micromobility to enhance our advocacy on emerging modes of transport
  • Deliver a new innovative Experience Adelaide visitor centre and city-wide digital visitor experience
  • Review and streamline the Community Land Management Plans to support the unique values, use and management of our Park Lands
  • Activate key precincts by working with businesses to reinvigorate main streets, encouraging people back into the city
  • Grow and expand future event opportunities by developing event infrastructure
  • Undertake a trial to provide information on the history of Council and the Adelaide Town Hall
  • Increase street tree canopy across the City, by trialling new green infrastructure and delivering the Greening Sturt Street West project
  • Prepare a Heritage Management Plan for the National Heritage listing of the Park Lands
  • Implement an Insights Strategy that focuses on a holistic approach to how we collect, analyse and report on what we have heard and what we know
  • Establish two new commercial opportunities which expand Council's revenue streams
  • Implement Service Performance Measures to monitor efficiency and identify opportunities for improvement

Legislative and strategic context

Under the Local Government Act 1999 Council must develop and adopt ‘strategic management plans’ which identify the Council’s objectives, how a Council intends to achieve its objectives, how they fit with the objectives of other levels of government, performance measures and estimates of revenue and expense.

The City of Adelaide is also guided by our suite of Strategic Management Plans:

New in 2022-2023 is the Statement of Changes which provides the City of Adelaide's significant changes, following internal review and public consultation throughout May and June 2022 on the Draft 2022/23 Annual Business Plan and Budget. You can view these changes here.

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