Business plan and budget

The business plan and budget is the key annual operational and financial planning document of the City of Adelaide. It describes what services and projects we plan to provide in the upcoming financial year and how we propose to allocate our budget.

2020 – 2021 Business plan and budget

The 2020-2021 Business plan and budget sets out how we will deliver the first year of the 2020 - 2024 Strategic Plan. It is the key annual operational and financial planning document for the City of Adelaide. It describes our priorities, the services and projects we plan to deliver for 2020 - 2021, our sources of revenue, and how we propose to allocate our budget.

The below charts outline our sources of revenue and how it will be spent as at 1 July 2020 in line with the 2020 – 2021 Business plan and budget:

Bpab chart

Key downloads

Key activities and projects

Download the annual key activities and strategic projects

Council has prioritised a range of activities, projects and infrastructure to be delivered in 2020 – 2021, and will leverage these opportunities to deliver on our strategic plan.

  • Secure the preferred proponent for 88 O’Connell and obtain project development approvals
  • Progress design development to secure project development approval and commence early site works at the Adelaide Central Market Arcade redevelopment 
  • Develop a program to create a range of experiences and opportunities to support local businesses and the community
  • Establish a new subsidiary of Council to accelerate economic growth through attracting investment and supporting the growth of business, residents, visitors, events, festivals and students
  • Work in partnership with the Kaurna community to deliver Reconciliation projects and to ensure Kaurna Culture is both recognised and supported through integration into Council strategies, project planning and other initiatives
  • Deliver new and diverse play spaces, undertake further planning to guide future works and complete improvements to existing activity spaces
  • Work with our partners to deliver musical laneways and support events and activations to celebrate Adelaide’s culture of live music and performance
  • Increase tree plantings, greening of streets and garden beds in identified parts of the City and design and construct greening and paths around Whitmore Square
  • Deliver a new Waste and Recycling Strategy and Programs to support our residents, businesses and community to reduce waste and improve recycling and organics outcomes
  • Deliver feasibility assessments and design work for a River Torrens Wetlands and Urban Nature Space


We consulted on the Draft Business Plan and Budget from 2 July to 23 July 2020. Council considered the feedback received on 28 July 2020. Consultation sought feedback on Key Activities, the importance and performance of services, priorities for investment and the financial levers Council should consider. Over 100 submissions were received, consisting of 109 surveys and 8 written submissions. When asked about how they used the city:

  • 75 people said they used the city to play (leisure, recreation, dining)
  • 70 people said they used the city to shop
  • 59 people said they used the city to live

Download a summary of the consultation

Obtaining a copy

Viewing copies of the 2020 – 2021 Business Plan and Budget are available at Council’s Customer Service Centre (25 Pirie Street, Adelaide), libraries and community centres.

Download the full document

Legislative and strategic context

Under the Local Government Act 1999 Council must develop and adopt ‘strategic management plans’ which identify the Council’s objectives, how a Council intends to achieve its objectives, how they fit with the objectives of other levels of government, performance measures and estimates of revenue and expense. Our Plan has also been prepared considering the challenges and opportunities arising from COVID-19.

The City of Adelaide is also guided by our suite of Strategic Management Plans:

  • Adelaide: The most liveable city in the world, 2020 - 2024 Strategic Plan
  • Long Term Financial Plan
  • Infrastructure and Asset Management Plans.
Bpab council strategic framework